Calgary at Ottawa GT, Fri. July 24, 7 pm et, TSN

Calgary Stampeders at Ottawa RedBlacks
Friday, July 24
7 pm et / 4 pm pt
TSN 1,3,4,5

The first game of the CFL Friday night doubleheader pits Calgary and Ottawa. On form, the Stamps should win comfortably. If Good Hank shows up for Ottawa, this could be a good game.

Oski Wee Wee,


Woo Hoo Firday Night Football! Missed ALL the games last week due to travel and visiting family in the States and parts of other games the first three weeks! Looking forward to catching all the match ups this weekend now that I am home again! :smiley:
Best one of course will be the Ticats big W over the Greenies on Sunday night! :smiley:

Hi folks!

Bad Hank is on full display here in the first quarter! :oops: Has completed one short pass (on a 2nd and 17!) and fumbled a snap (may not totally be on Hank). I think he's regressing with each game! :roll:

I have started my practice of Rod Black-free football TSN 1200 in Ottawa on the radio. :wink:

Hi and indeed! :slight_smile:

Stamps are up 11-0 in the first quarter. Ottawa has been ice cold offensively until this current drive.

Burris to Jackson makes it 11-6…a two-point conversion makes it 11-8 Calgary now.


Well they finally managed to score a TD at TD Place in the first quarter!!! Seems the OTTRBs need at least half a quarter to warm up and get a drive going! :roll:

19-8 Calgary as they respond to the RBs td...

After a recovery of a Mitchell fumble, Ottawa gets a couple of costly penalties that force them to kick a FG -- 19-11 Calgary now, second quarter.

Anybody still lamenting the loss of Chris Williams?

The game is now tied 19-19 after the Ottawa TD and 2-point conversion. The conversion is renewed and ruled no good. Rick Campbell is going ballistic because he claims the RBs got the fumble recovery in the end zone. 19-17 Calgary as a result.

TD Ellingson - used to like putting that in big letters when he was a Ticat!

On the other hand - Chris Williams is looking average - not bad but not stellar especially when he dropped a TD pass in the end zone. :oops:

Really don't see how they can call that 2-point conversion successful when it clearly looked like Johnson lost the ball before either he or the ball crossed the plane - and it appears that the review confirms it. 19-17 Stamps.

Not one bit! Even a poster (BC fan) on the CFL board commented that Williams is a shadow of himself. He looks okay but not certainly not outstanding!

What a terrible, terrible call on that 2 point convert. No reason it shouldn't have counted.

19-17 Calgary at the half.

The terrible Officiating is making the Game and the CFL very tough to watch. It's just deplorable.

As per TSN 1200, Jon Cornish is having x-rays taken on his right thumb.

A Paredes FG makes it 22-17 Calgary, third quarter.