Calgary at Montreal GT, Fri. July 3, 7 pm et, TSN

Wendy’s Friday Night Football
Calgary Stampeders vs. Montreal Alouettes
Fri 7PM ET / 4PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

The Als plan to go with their two rookie QBs -- Bridge and Cato -- in the wake of injuries to both Jonathan Crompton and Dan LeFevour in game one. Two newbies against the champs should equate to a lot of growing pains for the home team and a win for the visitors.

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Hi folks!

Rakeem Cato starts at QB for the Als and leads them on a big TD march to start his CFL career. Montreal is up 7-0, first quarter.

Update: the Als have added a FG, so it's 10-0 Montreal over Calgary, second quarter.

Montreal adds another major but misses the 2-point conversion. 16-0 Als now....Calgary is stuck in neutral!

I can't decide who I want to win this game, I hate Calgary, but Montreal is in the East, so Calgary winning is probably best for Hamilton.


Did we break Calgary?

Definitely broke 22-0

Cheering for Calgary because ...well I AM in Calgary visiting my daughter and I DO like the Stamps - except of course when they play the Ticats. They are not looking very good and the Larks are NOT looking , much like the awful team that they were a week ago! :o Mitchell is overthrowing receivers who aren't hauling in catches if they are within reach. Their run D seems to have gone AWOL Larks seem to be moving the ball at will and Giggy is certainly getting a lot more passes tossed his way than he ever did in Hamilton.

And the Larks have just scored again!!!! Stamps are getting the boot put to them by a fourth string QB????? Whoda thunk it?

Overconfidence on the part of the bronco busters? :wink:

How are you sir..
I'll cheer on stumps all day everyday before I cheer for MTL.

Well we know that they didn't have their best game last week and only eked out a win thank to too many Ticats mistakes. Looks like they aren't playing any better - or even as well - in Montreal.

My sentiments exactly!!! BTW the Stampede parade was great and it's nice and hot here although its supposed to cool down. Have heard it's less than summery at home.

stampede is on the bucket list

Guess power rankings will be altered after this game eh?

Stamps had the disadvantage of having no film on Cato (unless they check college which doesn't always translate to the pros) 96% of people (including me) were wrong in their picks for this game. Methinks that the mighty Stamps just might fall a peg or two - no pun intended! Ticats should be moving up - at least on the TSN board. Couldn't believe that they had the Lions and Riders ranked AHEAD of the Ticats a couple of weeks ago.

As for Stampede - we were there a couple of years ago (general admission one day and rodeo tickets on the final day) but didn't arrive in town in time for the parade. It's fun but not sure we'll be going this year. Lots of other things to do so it isn't a priority.

Stamps aren't going to pull out 18 points in under a minute. The Larks may not be as bad a team as many were predicting but at least now there is film to study on Cato who looks like he could beat out Crompton for the starters job.

Calgary with 3 turnovers (better than last week) and the Larks with none. Ticats will have to fix that stat for the little birds when they go to visit, Looks like its 29-11 final for the birds. :x

We are very happy to have Sam Gugiere with the Alouettes. I hope all of you all saw that super one handed catch he made early in the game. Sam will likely have a great career in Montreal.

true. a pick six or two should stop Cato's head from swellin. Orlando will be dialing up the heat for this game :rockin:

Not to say that Sam is not a talented player, but you Als people are always quick, most of the time, too quick.

When Tanner Marsh, Josh Neiswander, and then Troy Smith started their first couple of games. They would have noticeable success and then the trumpeting would begin. You guys would be crowning each of them in turn, THE starter. You even had me fooled on Troy. And where are these players now?

I dont for a minute doubt that Sam Giguère will be a prasise worthy contributor in Montreal. But, for Petes sake, give it a few games.

By the way, NA, if you think so highly of him, you should at least spell his name correctly. It's Giguère.