Calgary at Hamilton Play-By-Play Thread

Bo Levi Mitchell on a single leg can beat us at this point.
Masoli's ribs too sore to start.
Emergency third-string QB (who, at least, got the majority of first-team reps this week).
Swiss cheese O-line (with all appologies to the Swiss).

Are we going to see Condell do something smart and run a Run/Pass Option offence this week to take advantage of Watford's strengths and minimize his weaknesses?
Is the Defence going to play some inspired football to limit Calgary's scoring to at least give us a chance?
Will we have a punter and kicker who perform at leasst up to League average?

I'm afraid this will be our 1st home lost in the donut box. Which will open the flood
gates for many more loses here.

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And much, much more criticism and complaining.

Is this a resurrected thread from 2015?


Please don't call it that !!! Do we call BMO or TD Place the bank vault or IGF the insurance office or The Brick Field the furniture store ? Speaking off dough as in nuts , I'd like to kick the person squarely in the nuts who first came up with that stupid nickname for our stadium .


I always thought it was a missed opportunity that we don't call it the Coffee Grounds. I just like double entendres.


THF is easy to spell


Steve Milton.
I called it the Coffee Grounds immediately after.


I agree . I've always personally preferred the Coffee Grounds over the idiotic Donut Box name .

bobo you used that word! :scream:

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Could do what the fine folks in Regina did re: Taylor Field, and refer to it as the Coffee Grounds in the Donut Box.

Yikes I did !!! Okay as of this post I declare that the dreaded "D" word will never be spoken again or mentioned in these forms from now until eternity .


I like Steve Milton. He's a good writer but that nickname is not that cool. Like Grover says above, THF is good enough.

Yup . When referring to the stadium in conversation I always refer to it simply as THF .

There is really no need for it to be called anything else . I mean could you imagine the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers calling their stadium the Ketchup Bottle instead of Heinz Field ?


Um.... Should I tell him?


Team was night and day in their home and home with Toronto. Don't give up hope yet

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They've gotta be kidding. The TiCats are favoured?

Vegas doesn't pay enough attention because not enough money is placed on CFL games.

What "O" wants to do is play his strong D and hope for a few wins until his offence
becomes healthy and the team can finish strong at the end. But really what is going to happen, is that by the time the offence is strong, the D will be so beat up that even a
strong O will not save the team.

My regular bar just finished hanging up brand new GIANT TVs, just in time for kickoff :beers::beers::beers: