Calgary at Hamilton Game Thread- Saturday September 30, 2023

Don’t see one of these yet so…

This game billed as the hardest one of the week to pick. We’ll see.

There is one with 40 posts

Oops sorry that was the pre game thread

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Hope it’s a good one

That’s why I say that I don’t see one yet. Sometimes they are missed. Do let us know if there is another one so they can be combined into the oldest one.

I echo that. So far this weekend the games haven’t been barnburners or down to the last minute.

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I’ll give this game a look, but I don’t hold out much hope. I’ve bailed on 2 out of 3 games so far this weekend. And the one I stayed for wasn’t good, either.

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Fully expect CGY to poop the bed again. Good luck Ti-Cats, however I’m not sure there’s a chance of you going to the GC now.

The Stamp logo does not look better on the helmet.

Doesn’t look like the Cats have a special logo

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I don’t remember seeing the Cats logo but believe I read discussion about it. I don’t know if there is a protocol but it seems like maybe teams actually use the indigenous logo in only one game.

I’m not a fan of the Stamps logo either but the ones I have seen I liked although I haven’t seen them all. If I’m not mistaken the Bombers logo already appeared last year. I’ve never seen the Stamps or Elks or BC logos until recently.

And Hamilton’s attempted fake punt fails badly. It also took the announcers a bit to realize what happened.

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Looked to me that Hamilton #3 was fortunate that the misconduct penalties were offsetting. As long as the refs keep calling offsetting misconduct penalties they aren’t discouraging them from occurring. I have noticed that in most NHL games it isn’t long before the refs start picking out the worst offender and penalizing his team, which tends to halt the after the whistle stuff.

Liegghio come on! What the heck

Great - Tim White 70 yds. for TD
Tie game 6 - 6


Alas. No surprise to a Bomber fan. Funny but I was thinking he might miss it right before he kicked it.

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I was thinking “Oh man, here we go. It would be the most Liegghio thing ever to miss this PAT. I’m sure Jon would have something to say about that”


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Well the Shiltz experiment was working well, until it didn’t. IT for Calgary.

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Mocking the fans when you got 4 wins on the season is an Fhead move


We see way too much of that stuff. Coaches need to tell guys “when you re winning? Fill your boots. When we are losing save your energy because you are not playing hard enough.”


Somewhat OT. They’re going to announce the halftime act for Grey Cup.

Better early than… last year

Any guesses?