Calgary at Edmonton GT, Sat. Sept. 12, 9:30 pm et, TSN

Stampeders vs. Eskimos
Tonight at 9:30PM ET / 6:30PM PT on TSN1, TSN3 and TSN4

Mike Reilly will start at QB for Edmonton as they seek revenge for last week's loss to the Stamps.The Esks have lost 12 in a row to Calgary and need this one to keep in striking distance of first place in the West.

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Oski Wee Wee.


Bump! :slight_smile:


Well, it's Venezuela and Argentina for me on TSN4. I'll go with Venezuela, still mad about the Falklands! :stuck_out_tongue:
Cant stream,so I'll watch the game on this thread.

What is the pattern on the 'Smoes helmets?

EE just like on their regular helmets except the style of lettering is different.

Did you consider watching online through the TSN site? I haven't checked but the game should be available there.

Big TD for the EE (Bowman). Reilly seems to be getting this offense moving in spite of some pretty nasty conditions (wind & heavy rain)

Unfortunately they can't make the 2 point convert as Wilson is pushed away from the goal line before crossing for the score,

9-0 EE

I meant to write "the striping pattern"...

Reily has the weirdest deliveries of a pass i have ever seen. Its like a shotput lol

I remember last year Dunnigan showed a comparison of the different passing styles between QBs. He described Reilley as a "pusher" - meaning that he used his entire body to "push" the ball with a very short wind-up. It seem to work for him...

Whatever works,is right. Just managed to "push" the ball down the field for a big throw and a TD to take the lead with a 2 point convert.
Now 17-10 EE

Heh Tabbie, o/t but is webers on hwy 11 still open ??

It's usually open weekends until about Thanksgiving. I don't think it's open during the week but I'm not often up that way during the week either. Booming business - that one!

Considering last night's fiasco of Command Center ineptitude re: DPI challenges, how did CAL get away with THAT one?

It amazes me that the Coaches and players can figure out how to play the game when there is absolutely NO consistency in the interpretation of the CFL Rule Book...

Wow I think that there should have been a flag tossed at the EE defender who came in second and hit Rogers helmet-to-helmet! He was already going to go down with the first tackler. Won't be surprised if a fine is levied on that one.

Simmons, O'Donnell and Greaves were all supposed to be starting on the OL for the EE tonight. Seems to be working better than whatever they had in there for poor Franklin last week. Of course Reilly being back there helps too.

Bowman with TD #2 of the night. Just under 7 minutes remaining. 27-16 EE

Tipped Mitchell pass picked by Muamba (C)-effectively ends that Stamps drive. Just over 3 to play.
Gotta think with the way the EE are playing that they won't be losing this game - playing like demons out there in spite of the rain.

Good news - I picked them to win tonight :slight_smile:
Bad News - They're coming to play in Hamilton next week! :o

I would rather play a team that won this week, rather than one that was on a two-game losing streak, and was hungry for a win...

You have a point there and they will be on the road while we will be at home. But they could be out for some revenge after the beating laid on them by the Ticats in their digs. Should be a good game regardless. Hope Zach is ready for some pretty fierce D.