Calgary at BC GT -- Sat Jun 25, 10 pm et, TSN

Calgary Stampeders vs. B.C. Lions
Sat 10PM ET / 7PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

Please note the time listed is the start time of TSN coverage. The kickoff will be later.

Dave Dickenson leads the Stamps into Vancouver to play Wally Buono's Lions. The head coaching matchup is kind of like Baby New Year vs. Methuselah if we are talking head coaching days served. LOL

This should be a fitting end to Saturday's TSN twinbill. Hope to see some of you here!

Oski Wee Wee,


The game is on. :slight_smile:

And Edem just had a huge hit on the Calgary receiver making him drop the ball! Never did get much of a chance to play outside of STs in Hamilton.

This one is on TV in the states. Have to flip back and forth between this and the Thurman-Porter boxing match. Those BC unis are the best in the league. Hands down. Love em.

Will Vancouver pull the goalie? LOL

1-0 Calgary over BC after one quarter.

4-0 Calgary , early second quarter.

This one is starting out a bit like the GC re-match - more like a baseball score! It did turn into a shoot out - not sure this one will though. I'll have to stay awake long enough to see! :smiley:

Go Stamps!! (as Leone sets up to punt it away) .

The Stamps are stuffed at the goal line by the BC D -- still 4-0 Calgary, second quarter.

How many times can you have blocked kicks in a game, let alone a half? THREE times against the Lions so far, albeit partially blocked.

The horses with the blocked punt taken to the 1 yd line but Buckley is stymied on the TD attempt, as is Mitchell AND Tate. No points to show for the good STs play!

Try try try until you succeed I guess is the rationale! :smiley:
And now after being stuffed on the goal line, Buckley converts a 3rd and one to keep the drive alive.

Mitchell to Jordan for the TD -- 10-0 Calgary after the missed conversion, late second quarter.

Horses with the TD - FINALLY but Parades missed the convert. He's having a rough night getting points between the uprights.

Ah yes, Rod Black and the "2.5 minute drill." He of the dentist-drill quality of broadcasting. Ugh.

Haven't seen Bakari on the field for the Stamps - not sure about Reed but both were projected to be starters.

Is it just me, or is Jennings' accuracy highly suspect tonight? Seems he's either overthrowing his receivers or drilling the ball way wide.

10-3 Calgary after Leone makes it closer for BC with a FG -- halftime is imminent.

Nope, I see the same thing. He has happy feet and not setting them is causing the ball to sail.

Leone good on his third FG attempt to cut the lead, Not the most riveting game here!

Sloppy game, lots of mistakes, penalties. I bet most people in the east switched off at half time.