Calgary at BC - Gameday Thread

Looks like a great sideline catch by Rambo.

WTF, out of bounds? even Suitor thought it was a catch

So much for needing conclusive evidence to overturn a call! :roll:

Typical CFL fashion

Wow what a catch

What a PHENOMENAL catch by Rambo. Good heavens.

Geezus, is Burris wearing lead boots out there.

C'mon Hank get moving, try lifting you're legs.
I would almost like to see DD come in for a series or two.

I'm annoyed that this game is blacked out in Vancouver. What's the attendance like?

I'm tired of listening to the Cheerleader 1040.

BC isn't moving the ball offensivly. Is there going to be a QB change.

Yes. But, I wonder if it would have happened without the injury to Jackson.

TD Brett Ralph!

I am not chearing for either team, but that call of pass interferance against Cory Banks was absulute BS.

That was an ugly play by Pierce.

Calgary! Lookin' good!

Good game to watch though, not like last night. Burrid looked good. Pierce actually did too, except for the rookie mistake on the interception.

Another wildly entertaining game for the CFL. Lots of great highlights in this one.

Payback for the horrible non-call against the Bombers that pretty much put that game away. :twisted:

We could use better reffing not pay back.

I hope this game proves that Buck is better than JJ and that he regains his starter position that he had to start the season. That last pass for the pick was dumb but overall he is a smarter QB than JJ. Other than the 1st drive, JJ sucked all night. He throws a good deep ball but thats about it. So many of his throws are too low and the receivers cant get any YAC the way Calgary and Edmonton do.

The main difference in the game had to be the field position. Calgary was always over their 40 while BC was deep. Smart didnt have one of his best games.

As for receivers in this league at this moment, Rambo has to be the best. My man Geroy dropped one at the end and that 15 yr penalty was stupid too. :frowning:

Oh ya and that lil RB…Logan…wow that guy is fast.

Easy for a back -up QB have a few o.k plays after sitting on a bench while the other guy is under the scope all season! That first drive was textbook it worked then...... total different game plan! when something works dont you keep going till it doesnt? If you think 5 or 6 plays decides who is better your really don't understand this game, you just think something different is automatically better! start watching another sport you dont have a sniff about football! Buck blew the comeback! oh you did not mention that? Buck did not show anything but a ok play or 2! wow if you were coach we would not win any games! learn the game before you comment!

Buck was the starter in Game 1. He got hurt. Jarius took his job and didn't do very much. Buck should get his job back. Learn the game? You're probably the stupidest poster on these forums with your conspiracy theory BS.

Give BC a QB like Burris and watch what their record would be. JJ is the weak link. It's true.