Calgary at BC Game Thread- West Semi Final- Saturday November 4, 2023

Game starts in about 20.

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East game went as expected but I only have a question mark for this one.

I take it you mean you are unsure as to who will win? I’m pretty sure BC will win. They can’t be as bad as their last game against Calgary can they?

To give you some assurance almost everyone in the pool picked BC. The other game was more of a split.

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I may have been wrong about Chris Reynolds, but yall did make the playoffs. I have complete faith Calgary will beat BC lions. Playoff miracle run starts now!!!

It thought it was funny to see LaPo and Barker sitting in the corner at the children’s table.

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I think there’s allot of pressure on the Lions here.

They have been part of the elite 3 all year and the Stamps are hot at the right time

The big strike to Beagleton early doesn’t help.

That TD pass 2 plays later doesn’t help either

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3 plays, 80 yards, TD…

BC defence MIA that first drive. Still lots of time left and it’s not much for a good team with tons of firepower to overcome as long as they don’t start turning the ball over.

I was out of the room for the TD but could hear Dustbin’s call. Given his excitement I figured we either solved global warming or found life elsewhere in the solar system. I would not have expected only a Calgary touchdown.


Michel just short of the 1st line. I think they’ll go for it

Edit: Yes and the chains move

Excellent start - 7-0 Stampeders lead

Lions D comes up big on the Stamps 2nd drive. Peters with the pick


You could see that IT coming from a mile away. Threw it into the teeth of double coverage.

Was reading today how both Adams and Maier only have one playoff start under their belt and both lost and weren’t great. Whoever steps up today should determine who wins.

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VA gets that holding penalty back and keeps this aggressive drive going

Lions vs the Barbershop Duodecet

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Lions answer right back. TD to Cottoy

PAT good and we’re knotted at 7

k stamps lets get that back

nice hit on Lee

What a Houdini play by VA! 1st.and goal


Geez, that’s rediculous…

Good read on VAs part

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