Calgary and Winnipeg make trade!

[b]WBB RELEASE – 2005/224

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Oct. 02, 2005[/b]

WINNIPEG, MB – The Winnipeg Blue Bombers added a savvy veteran to their defensive secondary today in a deal with the Calgary Stampeders.

The Bombers acquired import DB Anthony Malbrough and future considerations in exchange for non-import S Wes Lysack.

“Anthony Malbrough was one of the most highly-coveted defensive backs on the free agent market this past off-season,� Bomber General Manager Brendan Taman said. “We feel very fortunate to acquire a player of his ability.

“Unfortunately when you make a trade like this you have to give up quality to get quality.�

Malbrough (5-10, 185, Texas Tech DOB: Dec. 9, 1976 in Beaumont, TX) is in his fourth CFL season. He originally came to the league in 2002 when he signed as a free agent with the Stampeders on Sept. 13. He spent the remainder of that season and all of 2003 with the Stamps before being traded to the Ottawa Renegades prior to the 2004 season.

The Texas Tech grad has played in a total of 44 CFL games and has recorded 89 defensive tackles, six tackles for losses and three interceptions.

In eight games with Calgary this season Malbrough had 19 defensive tackles, two pass knockdowns, two tackles for losses and two interceptions.

Malbrough was originally a draft pick of the Cleveland Browns (2000) and earned a spot on the NFL team’s roster that season. He also spent time with the NFL’s Houston Texans and NFL Europe’s Barcelona Dragons.

Goody, the last time that the BB and Stamps made a big trade in the season, The Bombers beat them at their last home game!


Pretty even trade. I think the stamps might have gotten the better of it.

Very strange trade, but I'll take it. Why would Winnipeg want
Malbrough?? He's been injured all yr and we probably would have
released him anyhow.

Our new young guys like Walton and Chatman are as good or better.

Strange trade for sure..Lysack has been sruggling with the rest of the DB,s, but he is Canadian and showed he can play at this level. Malbrough has showed he can get the jobe done also...advantage Calgary on this one, giving up canadian talent is questionable.

I also think Winnipeg made a sagely acquisition.. Malbrough is a playa..
Wesley Lysack isn't a bad safety.. Lord knows, i couldn't play the position. But really, he's just another Preston Young/Dan Murphy/Dave Singh/Remi Trudel/Sandy Beveridge type of dude..
Besides, doesn't Cgy already have Masson?


don't agree hankthetank......I'm wondering why Stamps want they have a solid guy at the position Wes plays....Bombers win this one soon as Malbrough is healthy... he brings a lot of of much needed talent to the D......a great up-grade... I would sayTaman fleeced the Cowboys again... we'll see. :slight_smile:

Ah yes but he missed Denny Crehans defensive style!. He will not be the sarting safety here for sure buthe will fit somewhere.

Sorry but I disagree with you. The new guys that have been filling in have done agreat job. Calgary needed a Canadian DB for security Walton, Reinhart, Kelly, Chatman.Young and Terry are solid. Meaning there was no room for Anthony Marlborough. Now if young gets injured Les can go in there. I do not think he will beat Trey out of that position now he has proven to be a great player in that position.

.....papa, wasn't it you that was saying Calgary was fools for releasing McGarity earlier this year and how his p/u was a major acquisition for Winnipeg and Calgary would be crying in their beer mugs about losing him?.....just checking.....

Redandwhite you are correct it was good ole Pappa!

Good trade by Taman. Wes would have been gone, anyway.

Yes, your right just like Joe Flemming!

heh....I said at the time a change of scenery COULD be good for McGarity....obviously it didn't work out ...I think he brought the same attitude to Wpg. as he had in then are you saying Anthony Malbrough fits the same category as McGarity....then if he does I would have to say you scooped us on this trade......but somehow I don't THINK SO.......and besides this a close... one-for-one trade....not an off-season speculative signing ...BIG difference.....still think we got the better deal and time will tell... :arrow:

I think you have to look at it in a different way. Marlborough is a good playe no doubt much better then Mcgarity. But the difference here is Marlborough was not better then the guys that we have put in place through the injuries. Marlborough has had injury problems and Walton and Reinheart has beat him out of a job. But when you bring Lysak back here it gives us a canadian to backup safety Trey Young and Lysak excelled under the tooledge of Denny Crehan. Remember he was a western Canadian allstar. I think he had to do too much with the defense in Bomber land and that jeopardised his stats and his play. I would bet the Flemming will be gone by the end of the year. Where he will go is probably somewhere in the east so he can be close to home (Boston area). So tell me who benefits from this trade. Marlborough did not have a position to go to here and Lysak a Canadian will be a backup to Trey Young and or any position in the backfield. He is a very good special teams player to boot.
Calgary wins this baby!

welllllll we will see....I understand ....and for now just a rumour....that the bank roll in the Peg. is gonna be lossened up in the off season ( the rainy day fund that they have been building for quite a few years) and so a lot of free agents will be given a good look by the Bombers and probably given a good offer to play here.....I believe Trey Young is a FA. come February ....and his name has come up in these parts...better get your wallets out

IMO, we can get rid of the whole lot of them, Flemming included, on defence in the peg and bring in new for this trade, it was clear that Taman and Lysak were not going to reach agreement on his contract for next year, so he would have been gone anyway, we will have to see if Malbrough can become a reliable starter and if he sticks around next season, at least he will be given the opportunity in winnipeg to prove he is worth keeping, obviously Lysak didnt impress enough, and the bombers have 3 good Canadian prospects at the safety position to hang the rebuilding tag on for now.

I have no idea where you got that from I believe he has a two year contract and well his parents reside in Montana. So why would he go somewhere else?

Piggy to be hondest any player on the winnipeg team this year would not impress. They are just finding ways to escape!