Calgary and Henry Burris.

I hope the defensive coaches are designing a good strategy to shut down Henry Burris and mainly Jermaine Copeland. It seems to me by watching Calgary a lot on Tv, like most of us, Henry likes to fake the handoff like 75% of the time and then roll out and either throw on the run or take off himself. I hope our coaching staff notices this and blitzes a guy towards Henry in such a manner as to not overrun Henry when he blitzes. If we can keep a guy in front of Burris for most of the plays then we have a chance. If we don't pursue him(not blitz by him) then we most certainly will lose. There are I believe only 2 quarterbacks that are
hard to get to, one is Henry because of his mobility and the second is Anthony because of his quick release. Lets go Ctas. :rockin:

I think Burris will get swarmed by Knolton, Floyd and Johnson when he bolts from the pocket. I'm sure Greg Marshall has studied film of Burris and will have these guys ready.

The rollout threat frightens me. We don't get that much pressure to begin with. This will be a very severe test