Calgary and Edmonton Fans

When we saw that our Roughriders would be playing in Calgary and Edmonton we decided to take the boys to the mountains starting with the Calgary game and ending in Edmonton. Talk about two different experiences for the boys. The Calgary fans were fun and there was a lot of good natured give and take. Enjoyed ourselves even though the Riders lost. The Edmonton fans were obnoxious. Getting in the face and being rude to 10 year olds. Beer thrown. What a joke. Calgary fans - Thank you! Edmonton fans - get a life!

Getting in the face of and being rude to a 10 year old? Sounds like you ran into warner and RRRR.

I was embarrassed to be an Edmonton fan at that game too. The drunkest, most obnoxious idiots sat right next to me (1 woman, 1 man). By my count, they had 12 beer each and returned to their seats after halftime reeking of pot. The kindest thing they chanted was "Riders suck!" There were many more things they said that I can't repeat here. I was very surprised that they didn't puke on me. I'm glad my kids weren't there.

I'm going to write a letter to Commonwealth Stadium to complain about the beer vendors serving very obviously drunk patrons. They should have been cut off at around 8 beer each, if not sooner.

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no.. because I am cflisthebest.

And this behaviour does NOT surprise me

Well if people really are all that fed up with the few chronic alcohol abusers at commonwealth, then I would suggest you go complain to the ushers. They'll watch them, and when they continue doing stupid things, they'll eventually get kicked out. It's that simple!

I can tell stories about Calgary fans too, like the ones taking a piss in public at the labour day game last year in the main concourse. Or the one who was drunk and followed me for a while blowing a horn at me.

Bottom line is, things like this happen at all CFL venues. Does this mean all Calgary fans are drunken buttheads? No. Do your stories mean all Edmonton fans are drunken buttheads? No. So stop acting like it does, and stating "Edmonton fans suck" or whatever else.

Sorry but in 35 years of going to games in Western Canada the only stadium I see this behaviour in consistantly is Commenwealth

I disagree. I think it means all edmonton fans are *****. :wink:

Again the problem is selling to much booze at the games. Some of these ape people ( not only in Edmonton ) but at most stadiums go to a game to watch and by the half they are so drunk they do not know is playing. It is unfortunate that again these vendors sell to guy that is obviously drunk. Contact the Edmonton Eskimos office and register a complaint. Then maybe they will be more deligent in not selling to obvious drunkards! But seriously to genralize like this is rather unfair. The Eskie fans that come down for Labor day have given very few problems and are good fans. Rider fans a week ago were great and lots of fun they gave and gave and so did the Stamp fans but all good natured fun. Esk123 is right turn the bums in so they are removed. It is very easy to do.

Why are EE fans getting so upset at this?

He is not saying that all EE fans are drunk he is pointing out that there are drunks at the stadium he attends!

If someone who never goes there said it you would have something to complain about!

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I'm upset because he is completely generalizing all eskimo fans. Another solution... ask for tickets in section C, the non acohol section, there won't be anyone bothering you there!

I did not say eskimo fans or stampeder fans, I said Calgary and Edmonton fans. I should have made that clear in my first post. Sorry. There were obnoxious rider fans as well. Unfortunately, it has been my experience over the years that commonwealth is not a nice place to watch football.

Warner gets

Exactly. There are places for kids at the stadium. The family fun zone is a supervised section for kids. I think section C is no booze.

Having gone to many football games, I’ve sat by drunks and I’ve sat by calm people. It’s the luck of the draw. I definitely wouldn’t chance it with my kids and I’d sit in an alcohol free section.

Do you take your kids to R rated movies on the chance that their might be no vulgaraties in the movie?

Use some common sense.

Warner gets

One can always hope for change...

Tue, August 15, 2006

Stadium drunk crackdown urgedUPDATED: 2006-08-15 03:42:40 MST


EDMONTON -- An injury prevention advocate is calling on Edmonton police to crack down on drunks who drive home after sporting events, like Eskimos games.

Dr. Louis Francescutti, a Royal Alexandra hospital physician, said police should set up checkstops in the parking lots of Commonwealth Stadium and Rexall Place after games.

"If you've got events where people are served booze and parking lots that are full, I'm sure each and every person there is not a designated driver," Francescutti said yesterday. "I don't recall seeing too many vehicles left in the parking lot after the game."

Brent McFarlane, facility manager at Commonwealth, said he's asked police to set up checkstops, but with little luck.

"To get into this area requires a lot of manpower, and it's usually during the busy time of year," McFarlane said.

He said it would also tie up traffic around the stadium.

"There would be a lot of upset patrons - good people who aren't drinking and driving."

Edmonton police spokesman Jeff Wuite said it would take between four and five hours to clear the parking lots if police were to conduct checkstops at the venues.

But he said cops regularly check for drunk drivers near the facilities after events.

"We'll target the major arteries leading to and from the venues," Wuite said. "We'll do that year-round, whether it's football, baseball or hockey."

Sounds to me like they should have been cut off......At Home!

With the small exception of the guy with the binoculars zooming in on the behinds of the cheerleaders, the fans at Argonaut games are very well behaved.