Calgary a losing culture needs to be haulted

Part of looking at any athlete in any sport, is watching that he will take steps to improve himself. Whether you are talking about an Olympic sport, hockey, tennis, or football. You recognize that you have a weakness and you take steps to improve upon your weaknesses.
That has happened with Mitchell. He's been given a lot of latitude for a guy who's barely a one-dimensional QB. On any other football club in any other city, I don't think for a minute he would be afforded such patience and such latitude.
When you are playing defense in football, and you are assured that the opposing QB isn't going to run, that sure makes your job a whole lot easier. He is left to throw out a wide out pass, a flick pass or a long pass with hopeful results. Not a good stratergy if your a Head Coach. Once more it doesn't change. The same plays we have been using for the last four years or better; are the same plays we are using today. So; that means all the pressure is on the running back, and on the Defence. The defense has spent far too much time on the field. By the 3rd quarter, they are worn out. That's when good teams will roll us over.
You have to have a balance, and with Mitchell, because your only have two options. The Running backs, or a small 8-yard or so pass.
Not a championship-bound team in my books.
I like Dave. I like Bo. That doesn't mean however that what they are doing is close to being right. When you have more effective options, they have to be used.

If you're talking about weaknesses within the team I would agree, and that's probably what you mean, although I shouldn't assume. On that subject though, the Stamps are 3-0. Maybe you are seeing cloudy skies in the distance, and you may be correct, but until it starts raining you gotta go with what works. Don't fix what's not broken.

When it comes to individual weaknesses that's different. The one thing I learned moving up levels in playing sports is that the higher level you get to the more you are coached to work on your strengths, and not your weaknesses.

For example: When you are 26 years old you are as fast as you are ever going to be. Don't waste your time trying to improve your speed. You keep in shape and maintain, but if you are slow at 26, you will be slow at 31. The same could be said about almost every other physical skill. Experience and knowledge are what will count as you get older.

You made some good points about the plays that the Stamps run, and I won't argue that, but again, they are still winning. And they have been winning for a while now. Losing a Grey Cup game here and there is normal. Not ideal, but losing big games is all too familiar in the life of pro sports.

Dave and Bo may not be doing what is right, but it's tough to say it's wrong. A funny thing that time plays on us and the floor can cave in at any time.

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I agree! I know some of the fans where I have sat in Section "S", are frustrated with the old 2-and-out scenarios...."Specially" when you have a guy sitting there ready to go with vibrant energy and fully prepared to engage. That's where our frustration lies.


Yes, yes and yes... Every fan in every building and stadium knows that feeling.

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For a few years I sat beside Mr. and Mrs. Buckley. They were Andrew's grandparents. They were frustrated with the lack of reps Andrew was getting especially when Bo was not doing well or showing any improvement. The next year, he left the club and returned to University to continue is law degree.
I understood their frustration. When Andrew played, he was just fine. The team was having success, but then again, he wasn't making the big bucks like Bo was. He knew he would never get a fair shake, so he moved on. Can't say I would blame any young player for that.

As far as what's broken, it is broken it's just that no one wants to address the elephant in the room. No where, at no time, will you ever find a one dimensional QB calling the shots.
Your QB has to be fairly tough, and be prepared to go at any time. Look at Nathen Rourke in BC. Man he's doing what needs to get done. He's not shy about it, he just goes to work. That's what it takes.

I see Glen has been suspended for some of his posts. This forum should be ended I think. He was waging a one-man war anyway.

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He is the type of poster only looking for one thing… . baiting someone in order argue and harass.

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As a BC Lions fan, I'm okay with him thinking Calgary has a losing culture. :joy:


I think Cat fans would trade for that culture & record any day.


welll said dude, well said!

Or could it be that right now two other teams are just that much better or st least equal to the great talent on the field that Cowtown has and we might also conclude...also equal to the coaching staff Cowtown has. Saskatchewan Riders in the past decade routinely bested your team in the play offs despite us usually getting dominated by you in regular season play... This is not by chance. Yes the stamps always contend every year ... But some of you fail to realize or admit, quite often, so do other teams

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Glen is a bad boy :wink:

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Classic I

Classic II

Thanks guys for making me laugh tonight on a thread rewind!!!!!

Dang it! Glen is suspended for being “too combative”. I was kinda of enjoying his entertainment. And he attends Calgary practices!

We need to make an
CFL ForumAngelo Mosca Award for Glen types!

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