Calgary a losing culture needs to be haulted

Just start a thread that says ‘I hate BLM and DD’ and forego all the nonsensical logic…no one can debate your feelings…

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Imagine the froth if Calgary was 0-3.

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I wonder if Glen's last name is Suitor ?

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That's not true, not true at all. Once can't dispute, however, that BLM for the last 3 years has to constantly play " comeback " football. That is spiral is not tight and the velocity on his throws are what they should be, and nor for the most part, are they accurate. Huff has contineously surrounded him with decent players, most of which have moved on to other teams ( thanks to expensive agency) and Bo never improves. Most athletes when they are aware they have weaknesses, continue to work on those weaknesses until they can turn them into strenghts and attributes. Not BLM. Not in the least!

Yup been a decade plus, more close to two decades plus,actually of contenders and cups in cowtown. I can see why the fans would be upset with the poor win loss record

Well, it's been 8 years and he still won't run or CAN'T run with the ball. How many years would any professional ball club put up with a QB who goes two and out, two and out on each set of downs? Led the league last year with INTs, fewest yards gained by scrambling, most time count errors, and left the Defense out there to take care of things way...way....way too long!
Not good, not healthy, and certainly not fun to watch! As I said, the cream always rises to the top, and this cream isn't going anywhere. No improvement means no change. No changes mean the same results as last year and the year before. Someday you will surely learn.

DD’s record as stamps head coach: 61-23-2

What a terrible losing culture…


Yes; I agree. It's nice to see that you see it my way as well. A new QB would change all that.

Forgot to add "fights to the end"

Bo is a piece of the puzzle, Kadeem Carey is another piece. The pieces are all there.

I wonder how many paint chips Glen ate when he was a kid ? :crazy_face:

Asking for a friend .


You and little boy Bo Peep can believe that all you want! Nice dreaming if you will. Bottom line is you and BO BO should stick to games like Marbles and tag. That seems to be more in line with your ability to think.

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Damn sarcasm button doesn’t work again…

Neither did mine when I said 6 years ago that Mitchell was a good QB. I bought a new computer and now it works accurately and thoroughly.

I have faith in all our running backs and receivers, it's the QB that needs to get tossed! The sooner the better too!

Would you like to debate last year's stats? How about the year before? How about the Grey Cup we lost to Toronto in 17? The ice bowel game. We will see which one of us is right at the end of the year. When I"m right most of you will have scattered elsewhere.

Settle down there settle down, no ones scattering anywhere, been here since almost the last century…

Glen stats don’t mean anything to you anyways so I’m not sure why you want to bring that into the discussion now, as it seems the only stat you care about is grey cup wins. Nothing wrong with that but caring solely about that is going to break your heart, ask a Hamilton fan. This ‘I’m right I’m right I’m right’ nonsense is getting tiresome. Take the tirade elsewhere if you’re so done with it. Go cheer for the Schooners for a spell , they’ve never been beaten!

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I see you guys got one too eh?

Well being a Ti cat fan has to have you bruxing on your teeth at night.

I get not liking Mitchell. I'm not a big fan of his, but not because of his production. I don't like the glove he wears on his throwing hand. I've had that discussion with friends and former players before and I've even tried it with a very similar glove to what he wears. I didn't like it because I like to get the palm of my hand - except for the base of my thumb and index finger - off the ball just as I release it. A glove fitting tight enough for that is too sweaty. It feels okay to throw with it but bare hand is better IMO. Others disagree with me. I don't always care for his body language when he is relating with teammates. That 'stare off in the distance' that he has annoys me, but that's just my quirks. I'd prefer he always looks people in the eyes. I agree he could run more when the opportunity presents itself, but he has had some injury problems, so there's that.

But to label him a loser, and then hint that you can back that up with stats, doesn't hold much water. That's a leaky bucket excuse.

I understand you want to see Maier in there, and Dave Dickinson being who he is keeps Jake on the sidelines. That is part of DD's philosophy, and maybe even a weakness.

When Dave played for the Lions and while injured Casey Printers went on a tear, only to get seated by Wally Buono when Dave insisted he was healthy enough to play in a playoff game, wanted badly to start, and Buono caved into his demands. The Lions lost that game. Dickinson's belief is that if the starter is healthy he should play regardless of the 'hot hand' the other guy may be playing with. But Dave's record as a coach kinda speaks for itself as well.

Ultimately if you're unsatisfied with your team and you work hard at justifying those feelings maybe give it up for a while. Lashing out at fellow fans isn't the answer.