Calgary a losing culture needs to be haulted

I mentioned time and time again, about how frustrating to watch the team of Dave Dickenson and Bo Levi Mitchell head this team in a very narrow and unproductive way.
When I examine any major league team, I always examine the top - first! In this case, I see Huff giving coach D.D. carte blanch authority to do what he wants. In retrospect, I think that this was a MAJOR MISTAKE! When I attend Stamps practices, it's like the fella's are off on vacation. There is no intensity and anything that even resembles a work out at their leisurely practices.
Bo couldn't throw the ball if you his life depended on it. He can't run as we all know, and he can't even hand off the ball properly. The offence is the most predictable in the league. In short, it's a joke compared to those Stamp teams of the 90's. Dave has a close relationship with BLM and that has placed the team in the rubarb.
Instead of using the best possible QB available, instead of coming up with a more creative offensive game plan, instead of not relying on what you know - doesn't work, instead of getting on those that don't give 100%, instead of ramping up the intensity from a coaching persepctive, Dave cops out and want's to be eveyone's friend at the end of the night.
No major league team can operate that way. No Grey cup and we will be lucky to sneak into the playoffs with the way the team is being coached right now. Not good from the eyes of one who's watched and played the game since the 60's.

So Calgary has won eight of their last nine regular season games and this constitutes a losing culture eh?


Yep sure is...but stay positive, perhaps things will change. Otherwise, when they don't as I expect, think about what I just said! Winnipeg and others will ensure that we get no further than a Western final - if we are lucky. This football league is no different than any other, you have to have a team with a strong QB who has legitimate skills.

Not sure anything would make you happy here Glen, the team wins games and you whine about it….very strange…


Bo scrambles out of the pocket, hits Henry on a 50 yard bomb…losers…

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Even a blind chicken gets a kernel of corn every once in a while. Not good however, when you are losing to the league's worst team.


Are you watching a PVR’d game? Because the game I’m watching we’re winning…which will make us 3-0 for the season, which is a good record, not a losing one…

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Did you apply for the coaching job and get laughed out of the building? Because I am not sure anything you are seeing really exists. How many games in a row will they need to win before you are content with how things are going?

Also with the misspelling in the title, and your fixation on the past, I am not sure if you want the current team culture to change, or if you just want the team to be visited by poltergeists. Should the 'U' not be in the last word of your title, or should the 'L' be an 'N"?

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No; but it's pretty telling when our former backup QB throws and rushes for more yards than the guy who makes the most money in the league.

Arbuckle 221 yards passing, 2 yards rushing
Mitchell 321 yards passing, 3 yards rushing

Again, I’m am not sure you’re watching the correct game here…

We are talking about Edmonton right?? Good numbers for you?

Glen you made a statement that was proven wrong by facts, have you no shame?

To answer your question though, I thought it was a perfectly acceptable game, Edmonton was a much improved opponent and we got better too…I’m good with today…

Mitchell's pattern of playing doesn't bother you in the least. The constant over throwing, under throwing, missing altogether the intended receivers, unable to move the pocket are run the ball for necessary yards while carrying the ball himself?
I think when the competition gets tough, we will end up on the outside looking in. I hope I'm wrong and I hope once more that you are right but....I doubt that.

Umm Argo fan here, but the Stamps look pretty good. Bo moved the pocket and made some great throws.

Shirley you jest.
Calgary, much hated, has the best record over the last decade. Sure, they messed up 2 G C s, but overall, we hate them winning too much.

I hope your not talking about 2017....the Argos won that fair and square!

If you want to see what a good QB should look like and then look no further to teams like BC, Montreal or Winnepeg and even Hamilton. Those are QB's that do more than just throw the ball up for grabs.

The Stamps absolutely do not have a "losing culture" lol

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Watch Rourke, now that's a REAL QB. Mitchell gets injured if the wind blows on him. No Lord's Grey Cup for us this year. No Sir, not in Calgary. You'll see!

Time will show you that I'm 100% correct. Just sit back and watch!