Calgary 49ers?

haha! where's the pride and tradition of the red and white? maybe it was the whole thing aobut wearing white after labour day, so they whent with gold instead.

That was god aweful. I hope Huf burns those pants ASAP. I never ever one see that again.

I actually liked the look. I appear to be in the minority here, but oh well.

Those pants in the labor day game were terrible…Stampeders stick to your colours…

Sigh, I must be colour blind. I didn't mind them at all. But, if you're going to burn the Gold ones, take the black "tights" too. I like the Stamp away uni's with Red pants.

I didn't know guys were so interested in how the tights look. I guess you learn something new everyday.

I worried about you sporty :lol:

Thanks RW2005.....I'll bet your askin:

"Why does sporty like the Gold pants, but hates Winnipegs Gold jersy's."

Sorry, I don't have an answer!

I have a theory! Could it be that gold watch you got when you retired was not adequate for all those years you worked so hard. Now you hate gold. Or could it be that you dislike the Eskimos because they are Green and GOLD. Or you missed out in investing in gold when it skyrocketed.
I am worried though that you mentioned something about those tight pants. Just theory of course. Please do not let mrs sporty read this.

No need to worry 2005. Im allright!

I actually didn't mind the pants. I enjoy seeing teams try something new one or two games a year.