Calder Cup Final

And with an amazing performance (from what I could hear on the radio) the Dogs tame a dominant 3-1 lead.
1G, 2A from Milroy
1G, 1A by Manlow, Grabovski and D'Agostini
3A by Benoit
2A by Jancevski
Price 33/35.
1st*- Grabovski
2nd*- Manlow
3rd*- Benoit
I would give anything to be out there for the game tomorow.
I expect to hear it's a sell-out.

well I already have dibs on 2 seats.....I hope they atleast open the upper bowl tmrw.

Yes great win tonight 1 more to go,also gotta pull hats off to the ticats for putting in a nice wishing us good luck comment in the spectator today.i you don't have your ticket's i suggest you hurry and get them because tomowow will be one heck of a showdown and a chance to see the calder cup hoisted by the bulldogs,go dogs go :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I'm just home from the game (after a "couple" of post-game celebratory beers), and they made an announcement that the lower bowl was almost sold out. I hope to buy mine at Dofasco tomorrow morning, so I hope I get decent seats, but that it's a HUGE crowd for (I hope) a Calder Cup clinching victory.

I tell you the last two home games in Hamilton ,the crowd have been amazing!They have been loud and very supportive for the Bulldogs!Lets wrap this up in front of a sold out crowd tomorrow night Hamilton!

its game day! lets get copp's sold out tonight what could be a good hockey game tonight,with the dogs playing with lots of confidence i have lots of faith you'll see the calder cup after the game tonight ,go dogs go :rockin: :rockin:

All the best to the Dogs. Go Dogs Go!

I certainly would like to be there, but I understand it'll be broadcast over the web through 820 CHAM's website. I'll be sure to be listening then. Good luck to the Bulldogs tonight, and hopefully there'll be celebrations at Copps Coliseum similar to the one in Anaheim last night.

and we can be the only pro hockey team that can bring home the calder cup tonight :rockin: :rockin:

Should be a great game! I bought two tickets for tonight myself on Sunday and managed to get great seats in the second row in section 120. Hope to see the upper bowl opened.

As another Bulldogs fan who is living too far away to attend the games this week, I'm very jealous of the rest of you.

From the Spec stories, and those on the site, the games sound both exciting and fascinating.

The adage in hockey (and in most sports) is that defense wins championships. The Bulldogs are proving that one to be true this year.

Go Dogs!

Cheers, Bob.

GO DAWGS GO !!!!I hate hockey, especially in June, common !!! But I love the Bull Dogs !!!!! I think Bill is smiling down on the da boys and very proud !!!!

Go Dawgs Go !!!!

I agree that Bill S is smiling down from above and rooting on the Bull Dogs.

I am not a real big hockey fan but am 100% behind the Bull Dogs .

The Calder Cup then comes The Grey Cup .

Go Dogs Go !



Bulldogs 2
Bears 1

47 seconds left

Bears with 2 men in the box the rest of the way


Congratulations to the 2007 Calder Cup champions, the Hamilton Bulldogs!

It's over!!!



FYI only 14,203 attendance

oops... 14,205 sorry

Carey Price has to win the Playoff MVP

He sure did. And over 14,000 fans called it by chanting his name just before his was given that award.

And you can listen to the celebration at this time if you click here.