Calary Will Play Montreal in the grey Cup

Montreal will beat Calgary in a high scoring game before a record crowd at Olympic Stadium.
The game won’t be decided until the final minutes, if not the final minute.
Calvillo will be named top player, and Ben Cahoon top Canadian.
I say 42-37 for Montreal.

Anyone else as confused as I am...? :lol:

But I see Calgary winning if these teams meet.

I'm very confused, I didn't know Calary had a team.

Speaking of which I need to watch my Calary's, beer certainly doesn't help.

My $$ would be on Calgary in this one.

Today I'm watching Calary's and I'm on the BC Lions' Calary reduction plan.

Wrong my friend, beer always helps. Just keep telling yourself, I am in shape, round is a shape.

Hahaha, not for long dude, I leave for basic training in January and need to get the little round I got out of my shape.

We Shall see....

Calgary is first place, only because Saskatchewan was decimated with Injuries.

Saskatchewan has those injured players back and are playing well.

you might wanna just watch what you say for the next 3 weeks!

We must have seen different games on Thursday. :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, so I'm the idiot. I didn't see the S at the end of 'minutes.' :oops:

I say that it will be Montreal and Saskatchewan in the Grey Cup, now that we have all our players back.

Calgary vs Montreal would be by far the most entertaining Grey Cup since the 2005 double OT thriller @ BC Place. Looking forward to it. Go Als Go.