I think this will a closer game this time out, and Saskatchewan finally gets the Burris monkey off their backs... Saskatchewan by 3... dont be nasty now, just opinions on the score will do... :lol: :lol: many times can Henry keep sticking it to his old team?....maybe this is the one where Sask gets back a little revenge, I dunno, but I do agree that it should be close.....just like last week's game against BC, both teams are in a slide and need to prove something.....

R&W no matter what Burris does to his old team he will never gain respect! Some rider fans such as Sambo will never get over the fact he has left and the fact he has destroyed them in two out of three games. But that does not matter. Who knows it just might be the riders turn and then again they just might lay an egg on the field again.

So he is gone big deal. All I asked was who might win the game, but you have to try to be as obnoxious as possible 05! I guess Saskargo didnt leave, she has always been here as RW05!!!

....actually sam, you were the one to mention Burris first.....

I did , but did not refer to him in any derogatory manner, it was 05 who took it that way... I just said the Riders might get the Burris monkey off their back... so where does that say he gets no respect???

Is Clark back for the Stamps? I think they really missed his "grit" in the BC game.

I see a high scoring game. 38-35? Stamps

Sporty as of today he was not ready so it is a game time decision!

Wow childish aren't we! The problem Sambo you were making fun of Burris in another thread then you come over here and guess what you get the respect you justly deserve.

Sambo do you realize that is you that is firing the insults here! Read it again my friend! :lol:

I guess im giving you the respect you deserve as well.

i definitly give burris props for his play against us. too bad he can't play consistant ball against some teams. still think he is a great addition to any offence.

at first i admit i was mad when burris left, but look at how well kj's playing for us! no disrespect to burris or the stamps, but if we still had him we'd never have pulled out those 2 wins!!

Great I would not expect anything better from you! :lol:

I really think the blame can go the Stamps way! Ron Rooke openned up his mouth (tampered) and well that set it in motion. The problem being is what did shiv do to screw up negotiations as well. WHne Burris came here he stated he loved the fans in Regina. Then the fans came up with he lied! Well the question is who lied! And really if you get mad for someone moving to Calgary from Saskatchewan well that happens a lot!
This happens in football and in other sports as well. Yourself Giver you are good fan!

well you would think that the [i]RIDERS[/i] would atleast win 1 against Burris, this might be the 1?

....guess that was the one.....

Wow talk about dropped balls by the receivers.

Hey Red, better get Higgins to have them practice catching the ball rather than choreographing their end zone antics.