Cal Murphy

Dave Naylor and Chris Cuthbert have tweeted that Cal Murphy passed away. I can't find any news reports to confirm it but I don't think Naylor would say it if it wasn't true. If it is true, my condolences to his family and friends.

Link from the Vancouver Sun.

RIP Coach Murphy

He lived with a heart transp[lant for almost 20 years... Sadly all the success he had did not translate to there being more Canadian coaches in this league.... He also had to cut his teeth in the NCAA for the CFL to have any respect for him. Ifd he had gone the CIS route, nobody would know who he was

Rest well Cal. You will always be looked upon greatly here in Winnipeg.

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I met Coach Murphy a few times when he was up here Hamilton Scouting for Colts..

Never nice man who I got ask come questions about coaching as I am Coaching Youth Football in my Local City

He Said don't just coach Listen to them and Help them grow into Adults with great Memories


Hall of famer on and off the field, RIP.

Thanks Cal for just being here and making Canada a better nation. :thup:

Cal Murphy was one of the greats, Loved him, will be missed. He was a great CFL guy as well as a very good Christian man!

This man was a legend. RIP Coach Murphy.

He hired me during my college years to work around the front office and was always a gentleman. My thoughts go out to Joyce and his kids. Rest in Peace, Cal; you are truly missed.