Cal Murphy. RIP

Another huge personality in the CFL gone. RIP Cal Murphy.

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Great coach, sad news.

Another part of CFL history lost. He certainly did bring some personality to the league.

Thank you, Cal.

Rest in peace.

So long to one of the great coaches. RIP Cal

great AC, great HC, great GM, great CFL ambassador, and most of all...

great human being.

Loved the 80's rivalry between the Cats and Bombers (Clements vs Brock era).. Fond memories to say the least.

He will be missed.

I remember when he had that Heart Transplant, and then came back the next season. That was 1992 doesn’t seem that long ago, lived 20 years with a transplanted heart.

Sorry, but there are no fond memories here. All I can remember when he was coach, was him running up the score and laying some terrible beatings on the 'Cats teams from the 80's. Still one of the main reasons I can't stand the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (the players and the fans). However, RIP Cal Murphy.

My condolences to Cal's family and friends. RIP Cal.

Thank you Cal. . Condolences to your family and friends. RIP

A person who contributed a lot to our country and our culture. Condolences for sure. :thup:

Cal Murphy was a Canadian coach and GM in the CFL when there were few in the league.
Cal was born in Winnipeg and moved to B.C. at a young age.
He was a star left handed QB and defensive back for the UBC Thunderbirds and played a stint for the B.C. Lions in 1956.
He started his coaching career shortly after and the rest is history.
Cal Murphy was deservedly elected to our CFL Hall of fame in 2004.

I always thought that Cal Murphy was American. That's surprising to learn, Grover!!