Cahoon's Next Milestone

Well, Ben Cahoon just caught his 50th career touchdown pass this past Thursday. I also noticed, that Ben is now 212 yards away from 10,000 yards receiving.

Just thought I'd let you know :thup: :lol:

pretty cool. Though I have to say he must be the least spectacular 10,000 yard receiver the CFL has ever seen.

I would say that's a compliment. :wink:

He's had his share of spectacular catches. He's just one of those guys that catches everything thrown his way, and usually makes them look routine.

Someone clearly missed his FG a couple weeks ago. :lol:

Maybe he doesn't look spectacular because he doesn't dance and do stupid moves after a catch.

after he makes catches, spectacular or not, he just gives out the ball to the ref and leaves it on the grass. he's no Jermaine Copeland.

Another White Receiver stereotype. :roll:

Holy gesus, TIMH.....since when does "least spectacular" and "white" go hand in hand??

Get that chip off your shoulder.

The guy is amazing...but as far as masquerading as a non-import because of a few years he spent living in Red Deer as an adolescent? The CFL's ruling on Cahoon is one that slipped through the cracks, the guy is American as apple pie. Did I mention he resembles Superman?


NO it did not slip through the cracks....The rules state that if you lived in Canada you get non-import status....

Wasn’t Superman created by Canadians? :lol:

Yes Superman was.

So you are telling me that a rye and coke, although 80% coca-cola(american) and 20% rye(canadian), is just rye? Why dont they just call it a rye then?

I'll tell you why. Because theres a hell of alot of coca-cola in it!

I agree that thats what the rules state, they are there for all to see, but I was alluding to the fact that the status(the rule) has been too leaniant for too long.

Where does Mr. Cahoon (live in the offseason)take his paycheques? Thats whats important here. And I assure you it isnt Banque Nationale!, more like Citybank or JP Morgan.

Forgive me if Im wrong today, but he wasnt living in Montreal for winters up til 2005 when I saw him interviewed about it. I admit I do not know his status today, but assume it hasnt changed.


You're right. I heard him on a radio interview, and he said he and his family live in Montreal, and plans to retire in Montreal, much like Anthony Calvillo, who made Montreal his home as well.

Like I have been saying Ben is the best receiver in football with the best hands.