Cahoon's gloves

I was in Hamilton friday night. Too bad for the loss. But on a bright note I visited the Hall of Fame where Ben Cahoon's gloves used to catch the record setting 1007th pass are on display along with the football and Calvillo's 2009 Grey Cup ring. Cahoon's 2002 Grey Cup ring is also on display along with other championship rings from other teams.

I hardly think the ticats can beat us 4 times like that this season. The season is still early. :cowboy:

The ticats cheerleaders had a nice compact calendar to sell. The ticats now have flags and T-shirts that have them established in 1869 which of course is a crock. The tiger-cats name did not exist until 1950. Whatever helps sell the team I guess. :roll:

I think that the 1950 Tiger Cats were a merger of 2 teams, The Hamilton Tigers and another team. The new team became the Tiger Cats. One of those pre merger teams does date back to 1869 (or somewhere near this time). So, there is some truth to the claim.

You are absolutely right. There were the Hamilton Tigers and the Hamilton Wildcats that merged in 1950. The Tigers have won 5 cups and the Wildcats in 1944. There were the Hamilton Alerts who won the cup in 1911 that had nothing to do with either team so when Hamilton says they won 15 cups they're right but they weren't all with the same name.

As an Als fan, it's no skin off my nose but argo fans will claim that their team is the oldest since 1873 since they have always kept the same name. Just another chapter in the looong Argos-Ticats rivalry. :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry, bonehead alert, it was 1943. The Mtl Navy St-Hy HMS Donnacona was 1944. Thought I'd correct that before someone noticed that blasphemy. :oops: The Wildcats were the losers in 1944. The only time a Montreal team ever beat a Hamilton team in the final. Could only happen again if there is a crossover.