CAHOON will be a free agent ,what do we trade for him????

We need this guy bad, who do we trade for him??

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I dont get it…

Hes a free agent… why are we trading for him?

Yeah, free agents require money not trades.

I thought I heard/read that he wanted to come to Toronto…seriously.

Sorry TOFAN, but reports say hes headed out West, somewhere closer to Utah where he resides. If you dont believe me look at the enclosed link. Guesses say Edmonton or Calgary

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What I meant was if he turns down all offers
from montreal and whats to wait for the
free agent dead line, the cats should give
montreal a trade to get his rights and then
make him a deal so that the other teams
don't get a shot at him.

So if he turns down all offers to wait for free agency...why would he accept one with us?

My bad.......maybe it was another free agent my facts mixed up.

MONEY TALKS..Make him an offer he can't refuse.


Also sent RALPH packing or to montreal if
they want him.

re-CAHOON will be a free agent ,what do we trade for him???? Nothing.

  1. Ahhhhhhhh…the offseason. “Trading for free agents”…what a concept! LMAO
  1. Cahoon has relatives in Alberta, I believe. All things being equal, I think he would gravitate out there unless Montreal, Hamilton, or another suitor backed up a bank truck and poured out a lot more loot!

  2. Cahoon didn’t hurt himself in the bidding war last night, eh? He had a great game.

Re Hamilton landing him, I haven’t ruled out anything in this league since Ralph Sazio went over to the Dark (Blue) Side, so I’m not going to start now! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

That being said, having Marcel Desjardins as GM may prove to be a pole of attraction for free agent Als players who know him. It does give us some pull, I believe.

Oski Wee Wee,

Ben Cahoon is one of the best ,but if I am Desjardins I want young up coming reasonably priced talent .
Ben has been a star palyer ,he's a bit banged up ,high mileage on a Mercedes,so I say no.

This makes no sense. Why not wait until Free agency starts and make him this 'offer he can't refuse' and not have to give anybody up?

You dont trade for someone with no time left on the contract hoping money will talk...

If the salary cap is enforced, then Desjardin will become our cap specialist. Big salaries won't be taken on unless others are dropped.I look for next year's Cats to be much younger and cheaper. If this becomes the case, then you can forget about Cahoon in Hamilton.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

there is a Chance He'll Retire too

Sorry, but I don't see Cahoon leaving Montreal for Hamilton. He would like to be closer to his family that lives in the mid-western US. Although I would love to see him play for my Als another year or too, I think his last couple of years will be played in Calgary.

Cahoon is back whit Montreal so you can now forget your hope that he will be a TigerCats

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