Cahoon to the Esks?

Saturday, November 18, 2006 - 03:00PM

By Vicki Hall,
Edmonton Journal

WINNIPEG - The Grey Cup rumour mill is bubbling over, as usual, with Grey Cup week in high gear and everyone connected to the crazy three-down circuit in the same city.

One of the most intriguing nuggets of scuttlebutt has Montreal Alouettes receiver Ben Cahoon signing with the Edmonton Eskimos next season.

Word has it that Cahoon, 34, wants to finish his career closer to his off-season home in Utah. If that's the case, Calgary and Edmonton would be obvious choices.

"I don't want to talk about it," he said after practice at Canad Inns Stadium. "I'm not concerned about that one bit this week."

Edmonton head coach Danny Maciocia can't approach Cahoon until free agency officially begins on Feb. 16. But there's no disguising the fact he'd like to see the dependable non-import in Green and Gold.

"Talk to me in February," Maciocia said. "We'll see if he's available then."


The Little General tried to sit down and enjoy a cheeseburger Friday night with his family in a downtown hotel.

Tried, being the operative word. Fans kept lining up to shake Ron Lancaster's hand to congratulate him for being named the seventh best player in CFL history in a poll conducted by TSN.

Always an ambassador for the CFL, Lancaster posed for photos with fans and signed autographs. He refused to turn away a single person. And in a rare quiet moment, he respectfully disagreed with the selection of quarterback Doug Flutie as the top player in CFL history

Lancaster would have chosen the late Jackie Parker, who died last week in Edmonton at age 74.

"Jack wasn't the best quarterback," Lancaster said. "He wasn't the best runner. He wasn't the best receiver. He wasn't the best defensive back. But he was the best football player I've ever seen. If you put Doug Flutie on a team with Jackie Parker, you sure wouldn't lose too many games."

Parker finished third in the poll, behind Saskatchewan great George Reed.


Roy Shivers might no longer be employed as the general manager in Saskatchewan, but he's willing to offer up his opinion on the challenges facing the Edmonton Eskimos.

"They've got an old ball team," Shivers said. "They've got to make a lot of changes. Look at their secondary. They've sure got some guys up in age. Look at their receivers. They've got some guys who are old there, too. The offensive line isn't very good. Same with the linebackers.

"They've stuck with the same guys for so long -- guys like Shannon Garrett and Singor Mobley. A.J. Gass can hardly run in the middle. Ed Hervey and Mookie Mitchell aren't getting younger. It's just an old team."

But Shivers said he harbours no ill will towards the team that beat his Roughriders so many times over the years.

"I don't hate Edmonton," he said. "I just wanted to emulate them. Thirty-four straight years in the playoffs? That's one hell of a record. That's unbelievable."
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Just what you guys need another old reciever LOL, Cahoon is 34 and only has 2 years left in him. Why don't you trade Ray for Calvillo and cahoon, then you would really be an Old SH1T team. besides Cahoon has said he wants to finis his career in Montreal and is rumoured to have a 2 year extention on the table. But if you want him , good luck. There is a huge list of young recievers who are rumoured to be traded or on the Free Agent list.

If the Esks could have picked up Calvillo as a free agent, they certainly would have. But now that he is signed with Montreal, he would obviously demand a lot in a trade, and the Eskimos don't need to be giving up their future for a receiver in his mid-30's.

That was my point exactly, i would not go for Cahoon as a Bomber fan or management, there are plenty of Free agent recievers in there 20's available in Feb 07, one just 3 hours south of you guys with the signing of Bo in cow town, means that Thurmon is on his way out of Cow Town, they won't get rid of Copeland or Lewis, but Thurmon is expendable. In Sask Domingiz (spelled it wrong) may end up a free agent and Winnipeg, well we have no one but stegall and Armstrong (if Stegall doesn't retire), so we should be on the lookout for a reciever...LOL....

Well Cahoon is the best receiver in the league.
Any fan who would rather have some young unproven receiver instead of Cahoon doesn't know what they're talking about.
Even at 34 Cahoon is the best and most dependable receiver in the CFL ( and that includes Geroy).

I'd take Simon, Stegall and Tucker over Cahoon any day of the week.
The only difference is that Cahoon is a non-import.