Cahoon to RETIRE

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After 13 seasons in the CFL, all of them with the Montreal Alouettes, slotback Ben Cahoon is calling it a career.

The Montreal Gazette reported Friday the 38-year-old is expected to retire.

Cahoon notified the team over the holidays he won't be coming back, according to the report. Cahoon also told several teammates he won’t be returning in 2011.

Earlier in the week, he told the Gazette he had one or two more seasons in him.

It isn’t clear whether Cahoon is leaving the Alouettes or the game of football altogether, but CFL players who retire before the start of training camps are able to return at any time during the season.

Born in Orem, Utah, Cahoon was drafted sixth overall by the Alouettes in the 1998 CFL draft.

He has three Grey Cups and two CFL Most Outstanding Canadian awards to his name.

Cahoon is the all-time CFL receptions leader with 1,017 catches and sixth in career reception yards with 13,301.

Didn't see that coming but at 38 at the receiver position, it's just about time to call it. How old was Rice when he retired?

Looks like he applied for work in his home town and maybe if he does not get one by a certain date might entertain playing out west closer to home. Calgary, BC ???

Well if this is the end for Cahoon he has had a great career. I have always marvled had his great hands and his ability to take punishing hits. He has been one tough little (for football) guy.
He did seem to be used less this pass year maybe an indication that he was slowing a step or two.
Hall of Famer for sure.

Shame to see such a great guy retire. Even at his age he was still showing people how it was done.

Sorry to see him go. He's provided us with a lot of exciting catches over the years. He still has the ability to be a starter, but maybe he just doesn't have much left to accomplish. Good luck to him :thup: much as I would love to see him in red, IMO he will always be an Alouette and should retire that way...

I'm wirh red, he should retire an Alouette. :thup:

That's a shame, I always hoped he and Calvillo would walk away together, haha.
But in all seriousness, he's a had a fantastic career and has the chance to out on top.
Most consecutive games with a reception, back to back Grey Cups, etc.
He's got nothing left to prove and can walk out a champ and an Alouette.
Some guys don't know when it's time to leave the game on their own terms, good to see Cahoon does.

Completely agree with this. Just look at the way Favre left as one example.

I sincerely hope he retires as an Alouette. That's not to say that he couldn't contribute to another CFL team should he so choose. But it would be really strange to see Ben lining up against my Als wearing another team's colors.

BC has the best hands in any football league period.
I hope he stays and retires together with AC.

X2 :thup:

First off….
Its Herb who reported it….Ben has not announced it
Lets look at Herbs article

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Cahoon expected to retire
A reliable source told Als Inside/Out that Cahoon’s days in Montreal are over. While the 38-year-old is expected to retire, that’s not necessarily carved in stone.
First he (Herb) says Ben is retiring, then he says it is not written in store. Which is it?
According to sources, the 38-year-old slotback notified the team during the holidays that he won’t be playing next season
but just 2 days before Herb reported [url=] ... story.html[/url]
Ben Cahoon, the Alouettes’ legendary receiver, said he has yet to decide whether he’ll return for the 2011 season, playing a 14th consecutive year with Montreal
so again...which is it

CJAD…The Als English radio broadcaster says who I trust far more than Herb says

[url=] ... D=10192312[/url]
CJAD sources say no decision has been made by Ben Cahoon on his playing future with the Alouettes and General Manager Jim Popp would welcome him back for another season if Ben wants.
Maybe he still will retire and maybe he won’t. Let’s wait for him to announce it. And if he doesn’t. let not refer to him as the Bret Farve of the CFL(retiring then unretiring)

ro1313; having said that Ben will likely get into the Hall of Fame in the first year his name comes up for nomination.

Journalism has really gone to hell. One newspaper reporting as fact a rumour from another newspaper. :roll:

One of the all time CFL greats that is for sure. Classy guy, sad to see him go but why not go out on top and still healthy.


This would be wise for Calvillo after he breaks the records this season.He's already had several health scares this year and from a playing stand point, don't pull a Favre and ruin a great career by playing until you're 72.

i need him to stay for a few more seasons! i need him to beat don narcises record for consecutive catches. be awesome if a ni held that record as well

It probably got its information from a blog somewhere. Blogs count as fact after all :roll: