Cahoon: The greatest NI receiver of all time?

The way this guy has his heart in it on every play, his sure hands and his great route running is absolutely incredible. Do you think that Ben Cahoon can be considered the greatest NI receiver of all time?

In my mind, there is no question that Ben Cahoon is the greatest non-import receiver the CFL has ever seen in the modern era. I'm going to start calling him Mr. Second Down from now on because he's the guy you look to when you need to pick up those tough yards to move the chains.

Very true. I also find that AC will start going to him a lot after going through a few 2 and outs in a row. Always good for 7+ yards!

I'd have to think about that for a while. But Ben is certainly one of the all time best. Great hands and concentration. I wonder though if bigger receivers like Tony Gabriel and Ray Elgaard caught balls more easily then Ben, who because of his size has to maybe dive or jump for some catches.
But any team would want him, he catches the ball if he can get a hand on it.

Don't get me wrong...Cahoon is one of the greatest receivers of all time; import or not. I know the rule defining a NI but it bothers me to hear the TV commentators referring to him as a Canadian. He is an American who just did not play football in high-school.

Please, go throw up elsewhere. Cahoon is Canadian because he passed the very STRINGENT rules of the CANADIAN football league. THese rules are meant to discard American players. If Cahoon qualified for these rules, DO not question his non import status!

You make me sick!

Sorry indy but he is right!
He is not Canadian! He is a non-import( mind you the title of this thread does say non-import)

He does not carry a Canadian Passport and claiming non-import status will the CFL will not get him one either.

As for the "STRINGENT rules of the CANADIAN football league"

Play one year of High-school football in Canada and you get non-import status! It does not make you a Canadian

Guys...I know that he was not born in Canada. As ro1313 pointed out, I did say non-import.

Also, I believe that he lived in Canada for quite a few years which also contributed to his NI status.

You can add Terry Evanshen to the list of great Canadian receivers. In my opinion, it came down to Gabriel and Cahoon, and I opted for Cahoon because of his ability to catch the uncatchable ball. While this is a question with no clear-cut answer, I'm going

with Ben.

I doubt anyone will agree with me but. I believe Hal Patterson was the greatest Alouette receiver of all time. Equipted with great speed most of Patterson's receptions were of the long gain variety. Patterson also was great on the end around play. Opposing defences got to the point where they had to set up special defences keying on Patterson or he would rack up great yardage on each play. Even with these defences, keying on Patterson, he still would average about eighy yards per carry. I addition Patterson played defensive halfback. Every fan and member of the press referred to Patterson as " Prince Hal."

No doubt Hal Patterson was probably the greatest receiver ever in the CFL. Certainly in his era.
But I think the question was "Canadian" receivers, Prince Hal is an American from Kansas.

The non-import rule states a player has to live 5 years in Canada before his 15th birthday to be classed a non-import for the CFL.
Thus we have Ben Cahoon,(Als) Riall Johnson, Noel Prefontaine,(Argos) Wayne Smith,(Riders) Walter Spencer,(Als) and maybe Jason French(Ticats). Also there is two players that I know of in the league, Gilles Colon (Lions) and Godfrey Ellis (Stamps) who aren't Canadians, but didn't play football until coming to university in Canada. They are classed as non-imports as well.

Someone brought up the point that Ben Cahoon isn't even a Canadian. I know he spent some time in Alberta and grew up in Utah, but I didn't know where he was born. So if he really is an American I guess we will have to scratch him from the all time Canadian list. :slight_smile:

But I've said it before, wouldn't it make more sense for the CFL to scrap this silly 5 year rule and say you are either Canadian raised or American (or whoever) for their non-import and import rule. I would be in favour of each team being allowed 1 or 2 of their older imports to play as a non-import (Milt Stegall or a Eddie Davis as an example). It would be fairer to all teams and would be player who deserved it by their long service. They would also be in most cases a fan favorite. Ben Cahoon and Noel Prefontaine are in the fan favorite category but the rest are not really well known. Of course maybe the CFL likes to keep them that way (not well known because of the rule).
I think its time for a change.

I hate to change the topic of this thread but I disagree. Ultimately it would cost 2 Canadians their jobs. Furthermore, lets say that Milt Stegall or Eddie Davis do deserve it, what does having non-import status change for them? Nothing.

Joe Poplawski, Rocky Dipietro, Hal P. and Eveanshen still sit ahead of Cahoon in my mind.

Any of them non-imports? Besides Eveanshen?

There are at least the 8 "non-imports" I mentioned in the previous post taking the jobs of real Canadians now. Edmonton had another player last year Jermaine Lee, under that rule, but released him.
All I'm saying is that if they are going to allow these back door "non-imports" (half of them are backups) to count as Canadians why not allow each team to declare their longest standing import to play as a non-import instead. That way each team would have the same advantage and there would be just as many real Canadians as there are now.
They have to do something IMO if the league ever gets around to adding two teams. There is just not enough good Canadian players available to maintain the calibre of play now in the CFL. The top Canadians are as good as the imports but the depth isn't there. Also on any given year there is generally 15 to 20 Canadans in the NFL. That's like losing your top two Canadian starters before you start the year. You can't blame those guys they have to go where the money is, but it's a drain on the talent pool the CFL teams have to draw from to fulfill the roster rules.

Cahoon refers to himself as a Canadian, he made Canada his home year round, and is proud to be a Canadian. That's good enough for me :lol: 8)

So giving non-import status will cost more!
At least the one that have it now have some sort of affiliation to Canada. As for it being fair, all teams have the same access to players through the draft so it is fair right now.

You claim that we don't have the talent pool right now but I would bet that most teams don't give Canadians a fair change. I would say that once they reach their minimum they stop looking at Canadians and concentrate on Americans.

That's news to me. As far as I know he lives in Utah. On a side note did you know he owns Powerpad insoles? Its located in Utah btw

Ben has a home in Utah and lives there 6 months of the year. He was born in the states but spent 2 years in Montreal and several others in Alberta as a child.This is how he receives non import status. He has tons of family still in Alberta - half of immediate family are Canadians.

Guys...regardless of our feelings on if Ben Cahoon is Canadian / American / Import / Non-import, I did not mean this thred to be a debate on that subject. The fact of the matter is that the CFL considers him a NI because he qualifies as such. I just wanted to know if others think (as do I) that he is the best NI receiver of all time. That's it. Thank you to those who stayed on topic.