Cahoon- The Best Player on the team!

Last evening Cahoon demonstrated he is the best offensive player on the team. His field goal went right through the uprights and he is leading the league in passes caught. The Als were generally hot and cold in a game that generated an exciting finish.

As noted by many, there is a huge problem in the ageing offensive line. Last evening Mudge took three procedure penalties early in the game and was called for holding. The offensive line was beaten up by the defense and Calvillo was sacked six times- 27 sacks to date. However, there have been some positives and negatives with the team this year.

The positives have been the uplifting effort by individuals. Cahoon was the standout last evening and the defensive team has, despite all the injuries, played well.In addition, Popp has this year brought in a good crew of rookies. Bratton, Davis, Ferri and Randy Drew, who was a standout last evening, have been good additions to this team.

As noted, the offensive line is ageing and troubled.Replacements are required.

Another glaring problem has been in the offensive backfield. Mike Pringle was a mainstay for many years followed by the play of Eric Lapointe. Lapointe was the outstanding back in the Als Grey Cup win preceeded by his play in the Eastern final defeating Toronto. Lapointe, playing after Robert Edwards was injured, gave the Als the speed, blocking and receiving ability which sustained the Als through the Grey Cup win. Since then, Edwards coulp ram through the opposing line but did not have the speed required to do anything but run up the center and, this play became too familiar to the opposing defenders and those fumbles.......

A glaring problem of the Als has been the management of this team. One wonders if Popp wears too many hats and is thus less effective in his contribution to the team. Throught a mistake in paperwork, the Als lost Terrance Edwards who is now starring for Winnipeg. Popp brought in some good rookie inports but struck out in the 2007 draft of Canadian university players. None of Popp's selections made the team and, one has to wonder if enough time was spent in this vital area.

Finally the management of the Alouettes have not groomed a replacement for Cavillo. One wonders if the coaches had let Jesse Palmer have some playing time in 06 he might still be with the club. Instead he was totally neglected and he jumped ship. BC, Edmonton and Regina hace all been proactive in QB development proving that more positive work could have been accomplished by the Als management.

The season is not over but one wonder if some tired old warhorses might put it all together for one more kick at the can?

Defence was great. Offence was hot (first quarter and into the second, AC 10 for 10) and cold (second half, as per usual). Special teams coverage on the Argos was poor.

But what the heck we won.

Bottom line, however, is that we aren't going to go very far with this offensive line. Their new nickname should be Swiss Cheese.

Mudge has got to be sent either back to right tackle or to the bench. He was brutal last night.

Bellefeuille has got to be told that when you need 8, 9, or 10 yards, throwing 4 and 5 yard curls or outs does NOT get the job done.

And please, come up with a running play that has a little misdirection built into it. Constantly running straight up the middle is pointless unless your name happens to be George Reed. Ever heard of a trap, pitch-out, or a sweep, Marcel?