Cahoon staying in Montreal

I thought sure that he would be gone. Even if you are not an Als' fan, you got to admit, this guy is a class act. No showboating or taunting, just gets the job done. He also shows real loyalty in staying with the organization who gave him his break. Well done Mr.Popp!


He truly is a class act and a great receiver. I am glad he is saying

He is very good. I was quite impressed with his play yesterday, best receiver on the field.

Just because he's signed doesn't mean he's staying. Teams had to sign players today if they wanted to take advantage of yet another salary loophole and front end load the contract. By signing Cahoon now, he much more tradeable.

Sorry cfkeskfans but he is not going to Edmonton!!!!

...that's right, he's coming to Calgary....

Um, now he's under contract. Why on earth would we deal our best receiver? Sorry, boys, but Cahoon isn't going anywhere. I also love how it's the fans of the teams with all the big-name receivers who are clamoring for the one elite receiver my Alouettes have. Edmonton, you've got Tucker, Hervey and Mitchell; Calgary, you've got Lewis, Copeland, and Thurmond. How about you develop your existing talent for once instead of trying to buy your way to a championship?

We'll see.

glad to see cahoon staying in montreal...certian players are 'franchise players' and its weird to imagine them in other jerseys.

i still have a hard time acknowledging ray borque and patrick roy played for the avs.....ewww.

Why would the Als want to trade him???????

There have been rumours that Ben Cahoon wants to be closer to Utah where his family is and apparantly the stamps and esks were interested. It has nothing to do with the Als wanting to trade him.

And now you would have to question whether or not he is going to be traded now, since montreal just re-signed him. you dont have to question that....its not gonna happen.

What if Cahoon still wants to be near Utah? Rather than losing him straight out to free agency, couldn't the Als have re-signed Cahoon only to trade him(so that they at least get something out of this if he actually does want a trade).

Out of all the players in the CFL Cahoon would be in the top 3 in value in a trade IMO. He's an elite non-import receiver!

Either way, good move by the Als, to take advantage of the signing bonus loophole, and sign their free agents before the bonuses would count against the cap. There are those with absolutely no credibility, nor football knowledge, who would say that the Al's are treating their players like "yo yo's", by waiting until the season was over before deciding who to give signing bonuses to. I highly doubt any of the 22 Als that accepted signing bonuses yesterday, feel as though they have been treated poorly in any way. Congrats on the good move!

Sorry but that makes no sence!
They didnt straight out lose him to free agancy did they?
Once they are signed they cant be lost to free agency

Here is the situation...

IF Ben Cahoon wants to go with a CFL team closer to Utah the Als could have:

  1. not signed him, as he becomes a FA
  2. signed him, but only so they could trade him, and actually get something in exchange for the best non-import receiver in the CFL(he would get a lot of high-profile offers in a trade).

If for some bizarre reason the als were to trade him to an alberta team, which seems to be the only teams he would want to go to, the trade would have involve some huge of the huge names in Alberta (eg. Tucker or Lewis) plus another non-import starter calibre player and possibly a pick.

And that's why I wouldn't want to see it happen with the Esks, giving up their future for a receiver in his mid 30s. The Eskimos don't need any more players in their mid 30's, the team is trying to get younger as it is.

As a family member of Ben's - we are really happy he's signed with Montreal. They have treated him, his wife, and kids wonderfully there. Yes, it would be nice to have them closer to us in Utah - but we want him to finish his career where it all began. Montreal!! The fans there are awesome. Thanks for all the great things you've said about him in these posts. We think he's pretty great as well.

Actually, you have a valid point there. Jim Popp told me in May that his family was a big factor and he probably would not re-sign. That being said though, now that he has signed, it would probably take some big names coming to Montreal in order to get Cahoon. Any ideas on who Edmonton or Calgary could part with?