cahoon retiring?

Ben's contract is up after this year. What has Montreal done to see that he doesn't go to another team? It would be a huge dissapointment to not finish up in Montreal.

From what I heard with him he's planning on retiring or playing a bit more with the als. The deciding factor would be how much money they offer him but not in the same sense as it is with most pro athletes. He said that he would retire if he felt he was not able to earn the amount of money the als offer him

Whoa, Ben better not retire this year. Our receiving corps is in shambles right now and he's the only dependable guy we have. Watkins tries but drops balls, Stala has lost confidence, Edwards hasn't proven himself, and Anderson is just a lazy sack of crap.

As per Cahoon on RDS last week, he will be loyal to the Al's:

Last time I asked him, he would like to play 1 or 2 more years.

He did say last week that he wants to play two more years.

But he also said "Playing my whole career in Montreal would be such a great thing. But I do know I'll get offers from other teams. So I'll have to see what's on the table for me then."

I hope Popp got the message.

They better not let him go anywhere and keep him an Alouette.
He is a surefire hall of famer and probably the best receiver I've ever seen.

This is something we can definitely agree on, SonnyWade. Cahoon is 90 per cent of this year's receiving corps.

I've heard alot of talk in the past 2 days out of Toronto that they are going to make a big play for Cahoon in the offseason since they are hosting the Grey Cup next year and really want to be there.
Talk is cheap I guess, but Cahoon won't be if we are going to be the highest bidder.

Actually, I got a chance to meet Jim Popp last May. He did not seem to confident in Cahoon being back next year and it does not have much to do with money. He wants to be closer to his family. Don't get me wrong, I really want to see him stay but I think he is going to end up in Calgary next year.

FYI -- this last week Montreal made an offer to Ben for another 2 years - hopefully he will take it !! I heard it was pretty sweet.

He will sing a new 3 year contract while wearing his 2006 Grey Cup ring!!!!!!

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cahoon retire if the Als win the Cup this year. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised of he came back to win a couple more!!!

I've heard that Edmonton and Calgary are interested in Cahoon in an artical in the Edmonton Journal.