Cahoon Out!

If you havnt heard Ben Cahoon will be out for 4-6 weeks. this might hurt Montreal.

Of course he's out, that hit from Scott Gordon is proof enough why we are good defense. :smiley:

yea but becuz of that hit you guys lose ur best receiver.

Injuries are part of the game. We loose a great player, the others receivers will have to step forward. Maybe its time to run the ball a bit more.

Not only did we lost our best receiver, but we also lost :

  • an offensive leader,
  • the only guy who never lets the pressure get to him,
  • the guy that has a talent for identifying weaknesses in the defensive patterns,
  • our place holder (yup... Cahoon is, I believe, the league's only slotback to hold the ball on field goals)

It's a BIG missing piece, but I believe that every team has to be able to cope with big losses.

Hey, at least he'll be back this year. Some injuries can put an end to a season.