CAHOON , out for 2 to 4 WEEKS! 1 of my fav players.............but he will be out of the ARGO and Montreal game and maybe 3 more after that.

........ouch, broken bone, eh?........maybe Ted White can cover for him as SB..... :lol:

Ted White is our new starting centre, Bryan Chiu is moving to slot back.

NA use White as a slotback
HUGE target
DId you see him standing beside Landry Thursday night?
What a difference in size

Yeah, that was funny! Landry looked like a mouse next to him!

That's why he's so capable running the ball back - everyone misses their tackles because they aim too high! Man, that guy's got jets.

Cahoon is now listed to be out between 3 and 6 weeks. That sucks!

Every time that Montreal has a slow start , they always seem to get going with throws to CAHOON.

Well now it's time for Terry Vaughn to be the go to guy with Stalla and Watkins, Gilligan, Girard until Cahoon returns and hopefully Anderson from the NFL tryouts.

T. VAUGHN…is great…but the big surprize for me is Canadian…STALLA.

Good, atleast the Riders accomplished something in that game. That’s brutal for you Als fans

The jury's still out on Stala as far as I'm concerned. That Calvillo INT against the Riders on Thursday was completely Stala's fault. He has to make that catch. He's a big strong receiver with great upside but his hands need to get softer and he's got to run crisper routes to get open. With Cahoon out and Cavil gone, our receiving corps is looking pretty thin. If Stala can step up against the Argos by making plays and drawing coverage away from Vaughn and Watkins, we may have a shot at winning.

Terrible news about Cahoon. He can't return fast enough to suit me. Hopefully Matthews runs Robert Edwards down Toronto's throats to make up for the shaky receiver situation.