Cahoon, not out for 2-4 weeks.....

Now he's going to be out for 6...... big loss for the Als. Cahoon fractured his left elbow and wrist but Girard might be ready to step up (he wasn't supposed to be ready until week nine). If he isn't ready, O'Neill Wilson will come up and take Cahoons spot. And you lost Kwame Cavil to us... That's horrible... I bet you're wishing the trade never happened now eh??

The Als will be fine. Cahoon will be back, the Als will peak at the end of the season and be in BC in November!
Bad timing for trading Cavil, but the Als needed to add a Canadian to the defense and that’s what they did.
Cavil was a bit of a disappointment anyway. And hopefully Thyrone Anderson comes back after NFL tryouts.

Cavil a disappointment? He had 1000 yards last year despite being the extra receiver in the five-receiver package. If that’s disappointment, I’ll take it. This year, he was sidelined recovering from knee surgery until a few games ago. He was just starting to find his groove again when Popp traded him. I understand that we needed Canadian D-linemen, but really, was Phil Gibson that bad? Why did we reacquire Gibson only to convert him into an O-lineman and piss him off in the process? You can’t tell me Gibson was so poor that Matthews had no other choice but to trade a 1000-yard import receiver for a backup Canadian D-lineman. To me, it looks like Cavil just got into the Don’s bad books and couldn’t get out.

As far as Cahoon goes, yup, it’s a brutal loss for us right now. Every day I’m checking the sports page hoping that Anderson comes back to us. Of our existing receivers, only Vaughn and Watkins have proven themselves. Stala and Gilligan are still highly inconsistent, Girard remains injured, and O’Neill Wilson has been quite subpar so far. On the bright side, our losses at receiver might finally drive Matthews to run the ball more. Especially after Edwards rushed so effectively for us against the Riders.

I can't wait for this game.

The ARGOS haven't won a season series againt Montreal since 1997.

The last home game of 2004 that we had against MONTREAL..........they beat us by 60 points.

Players , tend to remember those kinds of things.

In this game at HOME , we will not be playing 2nd stringers. :shock:

Hey Discipline, I didn't say it was ideal, I'm just not panicking about it. Cahoon will be back,Anderson might be back and Popp can easily pick up a U.S. receiver if need be. Cahoon will be sorely missed,but Vaugn has to become the go to guy, Stalla has to live upto his potential and Watkins, Gilligan, Girard or Wilson will have to do the job. Robert Edwards can make some big plays.
Cavil would be nice to have right now but he was doing nothing this year and Matthews said wasn't going to dress last game anyway.

I guess here in Sask we can say one good thing happened in the Sask/Montreal game. Scott Gordon is definitely proving himself worthy of the safety position. :smiley:

Als beat Argos. Told you there was no need to panick. Stala and Edwards rule! But can't wait for Cahoon and Anderson to return.

Stalla ,was the player of the game tonight.

The Als will be fine because they have made the proper adjustments. Cahoon will be missed, but the Als are controlling the clock and letting there defense do the work. Defense wins championships, and don't you forget it. This might sound stupid, but this team got complacent, and needed this adversity to start playing as a team.

Right on Peter! The Als are finally starting to play some inspired Football on Defense, and play with pride instead of the slop and missed tackles they had in a few games to start the year.
And on offence, the Als are all about Cavillo. He calls his own plays and the Als build there system around him. While it’s nice to have experienced receivers, if the Als lose 1or 2 , it doesn’t change the system when someone gets hurt or traded and they shouldn’t miss much of a beat until the Veteran gets back. That’s assuming the rookies do there job and catch the damn ball.