Cahoon has been playing hurt?

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Cahoon playing hurt?
By Herb Zurkowsky Sat, Nov 28 2009 COMMENTS(2) The Snap
Alouettes slotback Ben Cahoon sheepishly brushed it off when approached by The Snap on Friday. But the veteran has told others he has been playing hurt this season.

The aftermath of a hit to the head midway through the season has left Cahoon with a loss of feeling in some of his fingers. "I'm still having no feeling in my thumbs," he told the Calgary Herald this week. "I have nerve damage and weakness in my arms."

Cahoon, one of the true ambassadors of this game, won't name the culprit, reluctant to tarnish the player's reputation. But he quickly pointed out the hit went unpenalized. He believes the CFL should do more to protect players from blindside blocks delivered by a helmet to the head when they're in a defenceless and susceptible position.

The CFL bans initial contact to the head with a helmet, but there's no penalty for contact to the head with a forearm or shoulder unless it's delivered against the quarterback.

"I'm doing fine," Cahoon claimed. "Better than I was a month ago."

I saw it in an interview on TSN during their pre game shows i think, and that is bad, i think there will be a move by the league to penalize the hit to the head next year. A few changes are coming.
That is scary that Cahoon has lost arm strenght, this is the same as having a stroke.

I hope Ben seriously considers retirement. Selfishly, I want him to keep playing as long as possible, but not if his health is going to be compromised.

When nerves are injured they don't fire the muscles properly and you lose strenght sometimes with "numbness or sometimes with pins and needles". It comes back. I have had it happen to me on a couple occasions doing some power lifting. Neck and shoulder are sensitive to this, I have also had it happen in my hips and lost feeling in my toes.... Usually make a complete recovery. However I would certainly understand if he decides he's given enough... He's the father of a young family and these kids deserve to have their dad walk them to school and down the isle one day.

Crowd just clamored for Cahoon and started a "one more year!" chant. This is such an emotional day.

Amazing ! Very touching and great job by the fans. We may not wear makeup and fruits on our heads but there is a sincerity about the Als fans that is just wonderful. Good job MOntreal !

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

This my friends is a TRUE Gentlemen! and this is why he is my favourite CFL player! even over any of my tabbies!

Very true...the man is all class and a true ambassador of the game.

You think he may get it back? pinched something, or really head trauma. I am surprised he was even allowed to play if it is head trauma.
I hope you are correct and he gets it all back :thup:

It usually heals completely but it's not the most pleasant thing to go through, especially the first time...

Nerve damage Nerves can be damaged by pressure, stretch or by being torn. Most nerves are relatively resistant to damage but some are more susceptible than others. Nerves which have an insulating myelin sheath and which carry sensations of fine touch, joint position sense, the amount of stretch in muscles and the motor control of muscles are the first to experience damage from pressure. The smaller nerves without a myelin sheath which carry sensations of temperature and pain and control the digestive system are much more resistant to damage. When a nerve fiber is damaged it can often re-grow slowly - at about the rate your fingernails grow. There are many physiotherapies which can help in this process.

Nerve entrapment When a nerve gets "stuck" to the soft tissue that surrounds it (muscles, fascia, ligaments) it can become irritated. This happens as a result of a repetitive motion creating an adhesion or scar which sticks to the muscle. It can result in numbness and tingling of the affected area.