Cahoon for SPECIAL TEAMS Player of the Week???


He beats Prefontaine with a game winning field goal.

Nuts.... just plain nuts.

Cahoon for Prime Minister!

He hardly beat Prefontaine. Cahoon's was about 20 yards shorter.

Prefontaine choked!
Cahoon didnt!

That was hilarious! And the announcers were saying he probably could have still made it from a little further back.

Popp claimed he could kick it 40 yards.....with either foot!

So I heard. I gotta wonder about that, though. :lol:

Ya never know......Why would he lie?


Cahoon is a living legend! Every team in the CFl would take a bunch of guys like him. He is a special player. When he retires, it will be a sad day for us Als fans.

Unfortunately it looks like it will be after next season! :frowning:

Even Ben Cahoon can’t believe nobody Ben Cahooned this guy a long time ago.

....with apologies to Chuck Norris, of course....


Are you kidding me? You've never heard a Chuck Norris legend before?

I have heard OF Chuck Norris

You're gettin' old, ro..... :lol:

Is there anything Cahoon can't do?

I wonder if he can play and be the OC