Cahoon and Landry back to take on the Lions

Just got this from RDS. They both trained yesterday with the Als and should play on saturday. That's a big news for anyone wishing the Als a victory.

By the way, they also said Landry lost both his house and his shop in New Orleans, and none of them was insured. Yikes. Poor guy. He really lost a lot there.

They also said his grandma was "living" in the Astrodome ever since the passage of Katrina. Landry's parents, who also lost everything, will come to live with him in Montreal for at least a year.

Hang in there Ezra!

Great news for , MONTREAL.........I am picking MONTREAL for the upset of this year......this news just helps.Montreal , have to make a statement now to move ahead this year.

I say upset , because B.C. are the class of the CFL , so far , and the game is in...... B.C..........but , this is great news. :smiley:

All the best for Ezra and his family also, and all the victims and their families. Not good stuff at all but this is part of life and everyone has to just keep going on as best as they can.

But the Als will be no match for the BCLions who are showing that they are clearly the best team in the league.

He found all his family.ALIVE :smiley:

Poor bastrad!

Well, he is going to play with a new attitude this weekend! GO ALOUCORDS!

Funny they said in todays paper he wasnt sure if his insurance
would cover it all, his house and the families hair salon were both
badly flooded.

Also said his parents, grandmother, aunts and uncles were in the
community of Lancaster, near Dallas, where they were staying at
his Uncle Lionels house.

Which story is right third???

I wouldn't be surprised if RDS got it wrong. Wouldn't be a first. Maybe the real story is this:

In the case of major sinisters, insurances companies often refuse to pay for the damages because that would drive them into bankruptcy (as a whole state needs millions or billions of $$$ all at once). So maybe Landry had insurances that won't be honored...

Leave it to the insurance companies.
I remember seeing on the tube where in Hawaii the insurance companies were renting helicopters to follow the lava flow. They would then cancel the coverage of the people just before their homes burnt to the ground.

Why does that not surprise me......Bottom feeders, right along side politicians

Ok it was believable when everyone said the Riders were no match for the Lions and look how that turned out , But the Als?? with a newly found running game a recent additions to the offense there only weak spot seems to be defense.

I will bring out my Gypsy crystal ball and predict a high scoring game…and the winner will be!!!.. hmmm all of a sudden the ball got cloudy :wink:

I gave it to the Lions... But now that Cahoon is back... and Thyron Anderson got some rust off... and Robert Edwards gains an average of 117 yards per game... and Dave Stala is one of this year's best discoveries... and Ezra Landry will give them all good field position....

... could be... could be...

I really am not afraid by how our offence should do. It all depends about which defence will show up...

GLuck Third I hope you guys do it....we will never hear the end of it, if BC goes undefeated ....:slight_smile:

LOL i have the exact same fear only reversed, Not afraid what our defense can do but what offense will show up.

If Montreal is going to win this game, it'll be with defence. We all know the offense can produce, and with Anderson and Cahoon back, we've got lots of threats. I'm with Third And Ten. It all depends on which Als defence shows up: the one that shut down the Renegades last week, or the one that couldn't keep Winnipeg and Calgary from scoring at will. I honestly believe that B.C.'s one weakness is their O-line, which gives up a ton of sacks -- if we can capitalize on this early, pressure Dickenson into making mistakes, we'll have a chance.

And special-teams coverage will have to be perfect because Lockett is fully capable of bringing a kick back to the house. Win or lose, it's not going to be an easy game.


This game will be tough. I'll admit, even though we're 10-0, the Als are always a tough team to beat. But with our dominance of Montreal and the rest of the league at BC Place, and with this game being at home, and with Dickenson feeling better, I will have to take my Lions to win in front of a huge crowd at BC Place. Anyone hear what attendance numbers are like for the game as of today?

BC this year looks a lot like the 1989 Eskimos when they were 16-2 and looked unbeatable...

of course, that great season was all for naught because some un-nameable crappy team upset them and ended up somehow winning a Grey Cup...

Moral of the story is, BC better watch out because they have raised their status so high that every other team in the league is now considered an underdog. In a way, it's a dangerous position to be in.

Hey see my post on interesting article. They lost to the 9-9 Sask Roughriders

I saw that post, it was interesting and brought back some tough memories losing that game. As for the Lions/Als, could be a shootout. I think the Als O will need to step up and match the Lions offensively for them to have a chance. Landry and Cahoon will both help a lot, even if just emotionally. I picked the Als, but the loss watch is on now for BC. It's sooo tough to go undefeated, never mind just losing a couple. As that Esks team found out the hard way, it don't mean squat when the regular season is done.

Get in the playoffs and pull it together for three games and you can help your fans forget a tough season very quickly.


In my opinion offence has not been their problem it has been the defence. UNtill last game Mtl lead the leage in point scored.
In three of their loses Montreal has scored 36, 46 and 37 points, usually more than enought to win.

I think its the defence who will deside who wins this weel

Thats why I hope we DON'T have the perfect season...Did you see the poll on how many people actually think BC will go 18-0? Crazy!

I'm looking forward to a high scoring game Saturday night. A score or 49-45 sounds about right.