Cadence Weapon opens up on his connection to the CFL

The irony isn’t lost on Cadence Weapon.

The Edmonton-born-and-raised, Torontonian-turned Hamiltonian is running through where his summer tour has taken him.

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When asked about his performance as a CFL player so far this year rapper Cadence Weapon was all too modest. “If I wasn’t a rapper, I would have been an athlete,” he said.

The knock on rappers playing football, especially at the QB position is that every play has to end in a rhyme. Especially forgettable was that day when Cadence cracked under pressure behind centre while trying to improvise something that would rhyme with the word 'orange'. It was discovered too late that his offensive coordinator hated rap music.

Although possibly scarred for life Cadence Weapon went on to become the second best starting Rapper in the CFL last season. It came as a complete surprise to most pundits that NFL teams failed to show any interest in his services. When asked to comment on the matter Commissioner Roger Goodell said, "I have no comment on the matter."

Well their loss is our gain. Clearly they don't know their a** from grass. :partying_face:

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