Cable Cam for GC?

I haven't heard anything about whether or not TSN will be setting up a cable cam for the grey cup like we have had for the past 3. I think it adds a really interesting perspective to the game. Anyone know whats going on?

I'd imagine they'd have it. Didn't they have it for this season...?

I hope they do, and no they didnt use it during the reg season

I didn't really notice to be honest... But I remember reading an article about them having it.

I wish they’d use it during the season. I like the cable cam views.


Anyone know where the “cable cam” was first used ?

That’s right, kids –
Saturday night XFL games on NBC .


About the only good thing to come out of the XFL...


Oh, I think a couple guys playing in
this weekend's Grey Cup would argue with that:

Jeremaine Copeland (Los Angeles Xtreme)
Jeff Pilon (NY/NJ Hitmen)


I could name about a dozen receivers I’d take over Copeland…

There will be a cable cam......I was just watching the local sports news and you could see it in the background moving threw the air! :thup:

Team 1040 said today that there will be 30 cammeras (CBC only used 24 I believe) including the aformentioned cable cam

Nice! Now if only TSN could utilize the cable cam during the entire regular season. I bet that will be coming within the next few years.

Probally too expensive.

Over his entire CFL career of the last 7 years ??

Oh, I get it ... You simply didn't like the XFL.
That's fine. I can certainly appreciate that fact that you watched many of
those games very closely before arriving at your educated final assessment.


I like the cable cam for replays, but I hate when they use them for live action.

They'll never have them for regular season games, at least not in my lifetime. The cost of equipping all eight (or nine or ten) stadiums would be astronomical.

For the technophiles amongst us, here is an interesting link.
I was mostly curious as to how the camera didn’t get in the way of the action.