Cable 14's opening video

Boy was that great!

Does anyone know if that was played on the big screen at IWS?

It showed a lot of old footage with a Mellancamp song.

If its the video I think it was played at the state of the franchise too.

Yes it was.
I hope add it to Ticats TV..
IT well worth Watching.


i liked the video too...but given all the noise about only local artists at the stadium....can you get any more american than Mellancamp...

Loved it!

Just got an email back form cable 14 saying it is a Tiger-Cats' production so I anticipate it being the opening video at IWS for the games this year. At least I hope so. It's terrific.

That's one of the reasons it was so good. Using second rate songs doesn't cut it. Nothing against Hamilton musicians but when they reach the calibre of Mellancamp then I'm all for using them.

that was one of the best promotional videos i've seen for the team and surrounding area. the song was perfect for the video regardless of who recorded it i hope it is used alot this season

I missed it. Too bad.

which mellencamp song was it?
gotta love JCM.


Agreed. What Tom Wilson said was idiotic. No offense to Hamilton artists.