cable 14 to broadcast thursdays game???

listening to the ticat show tonite rick zamperin said theres rumours that cable 14 is televising the game this thursday has anyone got any inside scoop?

The guide on my TV says cable 14 is indeed broadcasting it. However, it also says that it's tentative, so maybe we shouldn't get our hopes up.

true heres to the worst and hope for the best

If TSN is not going to Broadcast pre season games certainly should be open to a local network to Broadcast it.
Has this been done in any of the other cities.

I am surprised that SHAWTV has not stepped up to Broadcast western teams games on their specific SHAWTV regional network for each team or for the entire west.
SHAW does have a Football Broadcast set up for CANWEST games so this would seem like a natural thing for them to do. I am sure the commercial space that they could sell for a Riders game would draw a nice profit

There is still a cost in broadcasting games that any local or regional broadcaster would have to pay to the CFL for the rights to air a game. Its not as simple as rolling the mobile truck into the stadium and start shooting the action live or packaging it to air at a later date.

TSN owns exclusive broadcast rights to the CFL, therefore any local or regional broadcaster that wishes to air the game would be required to purchase a sub-license from TSN to do so.

That is true and TSN has waited to the last minute the past few years to announce when and What games they will broadcast in the Pre season on one of their 4 possible Networks,
Im sure if a regional Network like Shaw or a french TVA had time to properly promote the game and acquire commercial sponsors to show a game it could be profitable in some cases depending on the team.
But with TSN waiting to the last minute to announce the games to be Broadcast or even worse this year announce them and then cut most of them out two weeks before the games it would be impossible to get it done by an outside Network without a reasonable amount of time to prepare and promote.

Confirmed - A live broadcast of tomorrow's pre-season finale will be available to fans in the Hamilton, Haldimand and Niagara regions on Cable 14. Cogeco subscribers in Burlington and Oakville will be able to watch the game tape-delayed on June 21 at 1 p.m.

can't make the game so this is a welcome surprise.

thanks for the info scott. Much appreciated. :thup:

It is good to see that one local Network was prepared. TSN has leesoned the number of pre seson games to almost nothing and really is not fair to at least the fans in the community the teams are playing in not to have a broadcast of the game.
Its 2013 and the CFL is a higher profile league and leagues like this have everygame broadcasted in at least the cities of the competing teams

That doesn't help me, though. Not a Cogeco subscriber (not available here - thanks, CRTC, for allowing Rogers to own a monopoly here), and not in the area covered. Will there be a way to watch a recorded version over the internet at some point?

At least I'll be able to listen via internet radio, right?

Cable 14 is also carried by Shaw and The Source cable. I understand if you subscribe to one of these or to Cogeco you will be able to watch as well.

Sucks for those of us who have satellite :cry:

HINT - HINT - It would be great if some enterprising person could LIVE Stream the Ticats game, then fans anywhere in the world could watch the game!

Watch the Ticat game on Cable 14 Live on your computer. Go to Cable 14 on the internet and click on “Video”, then “VOD”.

If someone could stream the game tonight on Justin TV or another source there would be some happy Cat fans here!

Thanks for the tip Zorro but unfortunately that service is only available to their cable subscribers:

"The Cable 14 live stream, episodes and other video content are provided to Cogeco, Rogers (previously Shaw) and Source Cable Limited cable Internet subscribers as a complimentary service."

So it looks like we still need someone to Live Stream the game to the World Wide Web. Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Has anyone not with Cogeco found a link online streaming the game? Can someone with PC TV stream it on Justin TV for
us satellite people? Thanks

I've been looking but haven't found a link.
Game is on at Rolly Rockets for us downtown folks.
Half price wing nite. :slight_smile:

I would like to thank Cable 14 for televising the game tonight. Picking up where TSN
dropped the ball. Backyard tv, BBQ wings & beer....awesome...Bomber thrashing....PRICELESS!