Watch the Ticat game on Cable 14 Live on your computer. Go to Cable 14 on the internet and click on "Video", then "VOD", then LIVE STREAM.

I'll give it a try, but I doubt it will work for me, based on the following statement on that page:

This service is made exclusively available to Cogeco, Shaw and Source Internet subcribers only.

Thanks anyway.

From Cable 14:

"Please note that the Cable 14 Live Stream, episodes and other video content are provided to Cogeco, Rogers (previously Shaw) and Source Cable Limited cable Internet subscribers in Hamilton and Haldimand County as a complimentary service."


Therefore because I am a Cogeco cable/internet subscriber living in Burlington I can get the game on the internet??

So those of us living in Ottawa, the USA, Taiwan, Vancouver, Japan, etc are screwed? For crying out loud, the CRTC should stop the Rogers/Bell protectionism. I have to pay a premium (and get channels I don't want) just to get TSN on Rogers cable. The same thing goes for Sportsnet on Bell satellite :rockin:

CRTC: Controlled by Rogers and the Telephone Company