C.J. Gable retires as a Tiger-Cat

HAMILTON — After seven years in the Canadian Football League with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (2013 to 2017) and Edmonton (2017 to 2019), running back C.J. Gable signed a one-day contract Thursday and announced his retirement from professional football as a member of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

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I had read a couple of years ago that he was in line to be a firefighter. I suppose a vacancy came up and the right time at age 33 to call it quits.

a near great player if not flat out great

Retires as a Ticat, as he should! :tiger: :football:

“C.J.’s abilities to run and catch the football were impressive, but his willingness and execution of blocking made him a complete back,” said Orlondo Steinauer, head coach of the Tiger-Cats.

“He dominated at times and was a tremendous competitor who could get those tough yards. We’re honoured that C.J. has chosen to retire a Ticat and wish him and his family all the best in life as they forge ahead.”

He was so much fun to watch in his dominant phase. Electric. I worry that RB tandems or triplets or whatever is going to water down and make the position not as much fun to watch.

I never felt that Austin knew how to use him. Or any back for that matter.

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Best of luck to C.J. Gable who had a stellar 7 year career. The very talented and versatile running back was excellent with the Hamilton Tiger Cats and the Edmonton Eskimos. Hope you have a terrific post football life. :football: :heart_eyes:

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Although I’m a Lions fan, I will sure miss watching him dominate a game. When everything on the team was clicking, he was so fantastic to watch! All the best to you and your family whatever you face in life. If you hit the rest of life like you hit the defensive line, you’ll be just fine!