C.I.S. Football Quebec

This is some good news for those ex Montreal persons ( like myself ) who are interested in C.I.S. football from Quebec- Radio-Canada ( Cogeco ) is having these games televised. Today St., Mary's is playing at the University of Montreal.

I watch CIS every Saturday. SRC shows a game every week (Usually Laval), and The Score covers the OUA every Saturday as well. It would be nice to see the CIS get better national coverage aside from those 2 games. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that CBC will start covering University ball.

I was at that game. holy bejeezus that one went down to the wire 11-10. talk about s-t-r-e-s-s.

Next stop Lennoxville to watch Carabins play Gaiter's but before that a little pit stop at Concordia friday night as they take on Sherbrooke in what should be a wonderful matchup. Then find a place to watch the second half of the esks-als game. we have a chance to win depending which edmonton team will show up. Jyles for the argos will play his former team saturday, I would not be surprised at an argo upset and then we got a second chance at 1st place sept. 30

Ya gotta believe. :wink:

ah so much for that. looks like the Carabins are going to have the win removed for having had an ineligible player (see rds.ca). you'd think they'd check for these things Before the game starts. ouch :thdn: :frowning:

it’s official. Carabins are handed a loss by forfeit. they will appeal. makes saturday’s game against Bishop’s that much more important.

Allez the Blues.

I'm still putting my $ on Laval.

pretty hard not to. it's more exciting to see the fight for which team will face Laval at the dunsmore and finish at number 2.

whoa. i just only saw now that McGill lost to Laval last sunday by a score of only 12-4. Laval's lowest home output in 41 games. I was so sure that game was a blowout I didn't bother to check. We'll see how the Stingers do. It's fill the stadium night at McGill tomorrow for the redmen and the gaiters. hotdogs are 2 dollars. Great place to be and i'm sure we'll get updates on the bombers-als game. Saturday it's off to Sherbrooke for the Carabins-Vert et Or which should be a doozy. 8)