C-H-A-N-G-E-S FOR 2006

I am still bleeding blue and gold... but realistically I am already thinking about Greay Cup 2006 In Winnipeg ... We have alot of work to do for next year ... Hopefully we can step it up and see what kind of talent will be around next year... Opinions are very welcome for the following:

#1 - We know we have Blink locked up next year and Steegal WILL be back as the grey cup is in the PEG ... We should kep Brazzel, Colon and Macdonald as well ... what do you think?
#2 - What about Keith Stokes? His contract is up ... Will he be back? Do we want him back? I think we should give him another year ... he has shown promise at reciever out of the backfield and who else will return punts?
#3 - COACHES???? WELL this is a no brainer - we need RUST back with his intensity and knowledge of the game .. it is obvious the D misses him.. Daley should stay or should be gone? I say he is not the coach for this team ... what do you think?
#4- Defense and O-Line - Who shall we keep and who should go??? We need Brown, Canada, Wickman, FELLS, Sheridan, Abou-Metric, Lysack, Fleming... Othewr than that who shall be gone... lets start looking at the DB's... what do you think?
#5- Can Westwood regain his confidence? Or is that the problem with him? Maybe he just doesn;t have it anymore... maybe time for a new kicker? Why is Boreham in Hamilton? he has one of the best FG % in the league... What if Ryan Does jump to the NFL as speculated? what do we do there? Hope Troy turns it around this season on FG's ...
#6- four QB'S??? next year there won't be four... I would think ... the obvious choice is to keep Michna,Glenn and Wynn and let TEE MARTIN go... But what will they really do?? nowaday's with this staff I can't tell... what do you all think about this situation?

Any other comments or suggestions would be appreciated ... Lets kick some A$$ the rest of this year and then figure out our problems and correct them for 2006 and bring the CUP back TO the PEG where it belongs.

Oh yeah ... forgot to mention we have a pretty tough scedual the rest of the year ... sask (tonight), Mon, Ott, Tor, Bc (two times) and Calgery... but on the bright side four of our last seven games are at home here in the PEG ... That might help our playoff run alot more than if it were the opposite ...

I think if we want to see Bombers play in the greycup We need more inprovemnts for next year. If we can we should try to get even better defence. Keep canada and them and also get a really good wide reciever. We have a good QB good WRs Good RB all we need is a better WR to help Glen. Keep stegal and brazzel though. Like maybe try to get Tucker? Our devense is great but we need better Offensive. In the begining of the year we kept scoring with the D lol.And a better head coach.

BlueBomberBoy :smiley:

You forgot a good head coach BB Boy...

What the hell is with the play calling .... under 1:00 to go with Winnipeg driving and Glenn throws long for Stegall isn't that a bit obvious .... interception ... need I say more ,,, a real coach would run the ball for 5-6 yards pass for 5-6 yards and drive the field and the clock to get within field goal range ... unless they have lost all confidence in TROY ... who knows... expect alot of personal changes in the off season as right now is too late for us ... god forbid .... Also I say let Michna or Wynn start a game or two and see if they deserve #1 status over Glenn ... right now I am beginning to lose faith in Glenn as a Starting QB!!!

Glenn ... who knows what's up with him. He got nothing going in the 2nd half with only 2 damn points. This sucks but I don't think they would take out Glenn. It would have been Michna or Martin to come in because Wynn is hurt at the moment.

Daley has to go NOW..... put in an interim that has at least some credibility........bring in either Austin.....or Strubler after TO. is done this year ... .Daley is not a head coach plain and simple....and the players know it.....also blowing up at the fans deserves an apology before Jimbo heads out the door....who the hell is paying this guys salary if it's not the fans....inexcuasable..... :shock:

as for the stegal pass. if glenn could throw an accurate pass and stegal is not being double or triple covered. then that would be a great call. however glenn cannot and did not and so we lose again. daley needs to go. stokes can go. i like the way colon returns the kicks. notice he runs forward and always seems to get at least 7 yards. stokes run back and forth and usually get 1. and i don't care about his occasional big return because they are offset with his fumbles.

oh and i still think we need a better oc. i know i harp on this a lot but in the cfl an oc who can call a decent play is very important. and we haven't had one for a while. worman where are you.

Keep the receiving corp intact
Keep the off linemen intact
some of the linebackers might be getting a little long in the tooth but definitely keep our defensive line together.
Revamp our secondary except for maybe Lysack and Fields
Specialty teams need retooling and finally...
Lose the coach...Daley's rebuilding mantra does'nt work for me anymore plus a more imaginative o.c. would be nice

they are working on revamping the secondary… again. lysack and fields are worth keeping. i think samuels could end up being quite good. don’t have an opinion on the guys they just brought in. colemans gone which is good. do i ever miss the days of les browne and rod hill or juran boldan. we were always known for our intimidating defense. i agree that all our lineman o and d should stay. linebackers seem to be a problem right now along with the dbs