"C" For Effort!!

If you were to rate last nights performance by the Tiger-Cats who once again lost to the Riders this time 32 to 20 it would be at least a "C" for effort compared to the dismal effort they gave in the first game in Regina getting blown out completely.

The Tiger-Cats have a long way to go and change for this team as far as winning games will not happen over night, some teams make the transition very easy and others more difficult Hamilton always seems to follow the path of difficult but like they say in order to Win you must understand what it means to lose, Ha if this is the case the Tiger-Cats should have many Wins in the future from their losing past. The Tiger-Cats have not been a consistent winning team since 1999 and the days of Danny Mac, Flutie and so on, it's like they keep falling into the trap of losing more games than winning and always because of some excuse,too many injured players, not the right player, not enough depth or whatever?

Great teams find ways to win and it all starts from top down in any organization, if the ownership and management want to Win on the field first and provide their fans with entertaining football they will make sure that the everything is in place to do so from the coaches to the players. It seems like from this management the emphasis has been more on marketing the team since Bob Young took over and saved the dying Cats in 2003 than it has to do with placing a Winning team on the field, it's sort of the other way around and has been that way for ten years. Granted Mr. Young has not been supported much in the past by politicians in Hamilton, especially going through the fiasco of finding a new stadium location and after much grief and effort landing right back at old Ivor Wynne only to have the team up rooted so a new stadium could be built right on the old one and all great news moving forward with Tim Horton's taking over the name rights to the new stadium, but where is the winning product on the field?

I believe as a loyal and long supporting fan of the Tiger-Cats and we have a great fans who support this team that we need to place the emphasis on the product on the field instead of the marketing and product in the stands. Believe me if this organization produced a winning team and consistent in winning and not losing this team would have no problem filling any stadium, other teams have done it why not the Tiger-Cats. In an eight team league our winning performance record and playoff appearances in the past ten years is despicable compared to other teams in this league just look at Toronto they have the other problem, great team on the field, Grey Cup Winner but have a hard time attracting fans.

Maybe the Tiger-Cats can send our management and marketing team to the Argo's in exchange for their winning ways on the Field. Tiger-Cat Brass put a good product on the field first and foremost, than do your marketing, you will be much more successful.

I have talked to many long time fans of the Tiger-Cats and ticket holders through many bad seasons, especially the last ten years and they all agree that the problem wit the Tiger-Cats starts at the top down, Scott Mitchell and management and our so called scouting system to find talented players?

I agree with Kent Austin that injuries are not excuses but on the other hand lets replace starters with players of equal quality not some guy bench warmer who just took the position to pay his rent, we need good players, Pro’s to fill these spots, especially on offense, get some speedy, good receivers who can catch a ball and run a route to open the lanes for Henry to throw to? On the offensive line, I think Marwin Hage is done, I like him he’s a good player but Wow, two years in row with injury, I would say elevate Marwin to Management maybe take over Mitchell’s position.

The Tiger-Cats have a long history of being Steel Town Tough and being great at overcoming diversity but this team has been No-where near that in recent years. The product on the field must be changed, No more five, or seven year plans and keeping the fans glued to who the next coach will be? We have a good coach in Kent Austin, I think he needs to give his GM role to someone more qualified but that’s my thinking, I don’t see why Bob O’Billovich could have not stayed on as GM and Kent as coach I think that would have been a great combo and let O.B. find the talent but once again Tiger-Cat management took another route, it’s always wait and see with this team, wait till next year or the year after, I’m tired of waiting and many Tiger-Cat Fans share my feelings.