C.F.L. International exposure

As a Canadian living in England I get a bit fed up with people talking about "American Football."
When I mention the C.F.L., most people in England have never heard of it. The N.F.L. gets decent coverage on T.V. here. The Super Bowl is shown live.
Come on C.F.L.-at least broadcast the Grey Cup here. I'm sure people here would find the Canadian game much more watchable!
Regards Gary

Well, the CFL doesn't exactly have the tools to take the game globally as much as the NFL does but gpennick, remember, it's all gridiron football so I am glad the NFL is doing something at least with all the funds they have. At the end of the day, it's gridiron or North American football variety, the difference between the football as played under Canadian vs. American rules compared with gridiron football and say soccer (global football) isn't all that great. So I say "thank you NFL".

You can't blame the CFL, blame your cable sports provider. I got tired of complaining to cable provider in the US and decided to switch to satelite t.v. where i can pick up all the CFL action. Thats the only way i could get the CFL so i switched. Let your voice be heard.

Are you willing to go the extra mile, or kilo?

gpennick, our current commissionner Tom Wright wanted to give more international exposure to the CFL, so he decided to litterally GIVE the rights to broadcast our games to any broadcaster outside of Canada who wants to show CFL games.

That way, a few more broadcasters in the USA have started adding the CFL to their schedule. It cost them nil, so if ad revenues aren't stellar, it's no big deal.

So if the CFL is not available in England, that's because no provider wants to show the games there.

There's not so much more we can do if they don't take it while its free. It's not like the CFL will pay them to broadcast the games...

Well I know a few people from England and they absolutely LOVE the CFL some even more than the NFL. BTW they have satelitte dishes.

This one is for Kanga-- the Aussie League of Canadian Football :lol: :lol: :lol:

I doubt it would work, Sambo, although Aussies, like myself, would appreciate the Canadian game to the American one, nothing will be out Aussie Ball in Aus, and the majority of Aussies don't like GI Football, the NFL came and had EX games there, and they were a disaster as far as attendance goes.

qpennick, try Webcast, if you can, hock your computer or laptop to your TV, and you can watch the Grey Cup like that.

A men to that, brother. I'm down here in NC and I'm in the process of dumping cable (Time Warner) for Dish. I can't wait to start seeing the CFL again!

Last 2 Grey Cups have been shown live by NASN, which is now across all of Europe via satellite or cable.

Today at 1pm was Montreal vs Winnipeg. Saskatchewan vs B.C. is shown at midnight and Calgary vs Hamilton at 3am. All delayed of course, but they are shown.

Next week Hamilton vs Montreal, Winnipeg vs Edmonton, B.C. vs Calgary and Toronto vs Saskatchewan are all on at various times.

Details at www.nasn.com

Well you and Petey are probably the only ones Earl. There is no such thing as North American Football (where did you get that?). You are lumping it all together as if it's the same game. Well IT'S NOT! and people outside our two countries WILL notice that!

There's the CFL and the nfl. And yes the CFL has the tools to go global! The rest of the world needs to see the ORIGINAL Canadian brand of Football,and then you'll see a global fanbase develope.

the CFL has the tools but they need to start using them. They seem to be to laid back to make any progress outside of Canada

you can see games in Japan (Kobekid says so), I have no doubt you can see them in Australia, England, Greece, and the rest of the world.

Just an update on C.F.L. television coverage in England.
What I was trying to say is-You can watch the N.F.L. on mainstream television. It would be nice if Channel 4 or 5 here in Britain showed the C.F.L.. That way a larger audience could see the differences between the two leagues.
Most people I have talked to here find the N.F.L. boring and confusing(fact).
I believe that people here would find the C.F.L. more exciting and thus more watchable.
I shall be contacting the major networks here but I won't hold my breath

Inded they do. And checking the schedules out further, typically 2 games a week are being shown live (at or around midnight) on NASN Extra.

It wouldn't fit with five anyway as the latter stages would conflict with their showing of Sunday Night NFL football. And 4 finished being interested in any North American Sport the best part of 8 years ago.

gp, do you have a computer that you can hock up to your TV? you can do that, invite some friends over to watch CFL, and spread the word.

I agree, Canadian and American are two different codes of Football, saying their the same is like saying that Rugby Union and League are the same, and that's just not the case.

and the CFL does have the techs to show games via internet, and that will likely be the way it reaches out to the world. the Cyber Football League :lol: