C.F.L. GCC Week 16

6:20 now. i have weird sleep habits due to long covid and other health issues. i cant sleep more than about 4-5 hours at a time. but i have to nap a lot.

I never tested positive, and I've suffered all the symptoms before COVID was cool, lol. but I'm not one to visit a Doctor until I absolutely have to. I have strange sleeping patterns as well, mostly related to work. I was on call 24/6, two days off but only 1 day off from work calls

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hah! i wish i could say having long covid was cool. it suuucks :dizzy_face:

Glad to see you changed your pick from Mtl. to the Cats. Does this mean you're not mad at us anymore over on the Ticat forum. We really are a nice bunch, with a few exceptions, lol.

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i was never mad. hell i wasn’t even disappointed. but clearly some of the cat forum members were. mildly amused would be a more accurate assessment of my feels towards such nonsense.

i prefer Als as a team, but im going with my guts that Harris stinks this weekend lol