C.F.L. Experience

While I agree that a change at Q.B. might not be a bad idea, Jason maybe at his best coming off the bench.Perhaps take some pressure off him foe awhile.
My biggest concern is the lack of experience with our co-ordinators. Strange but the best part of our game is special teams, coached by a Canadian who understands the game. Niether offencive or defencive co-ordinator has coached a down of Canadian football until this year, I fear that more than anything maybe Taffes undoing. I said it it last week and I`ll repeat it again, a 3 man rush when you have the opponent second and 19 or 20 is dangerous. The athletes up here are too good to give a Q.B. that kind of time to find an open reciever.

It could have a lot to do with penalties as well. A simple failure to comprehend the game has been quite evident early in the season