Is what I hear when I enter the Als thread in the last couple of weeks. I guess the team is doing so good that no one has anything to complain about (so typical of Montreal :wink: ) I am fairly new to this forum so I will take advantage of this quiet interlude to present myself. I am a french speaking Quebec born, I have lived in many places in Canada (Quebec, Alberta, Sask and Ontario) I have attended CFL games in all these provinces (both Calgary and Edmenton in Alberta but only Ottawa in Ontario), I played Juvinile and midjet AAA football (Dragons de St-Georges) in high school. I have been enjoying the CFL since the return of the Als in the league. I could not defect to the Gades even if I live in Gatineau, I guess I have the bird tatooed on my heart. I have always been a great defender of AC even if he has never been very popular in Quebec. I do not have sufficient knowledge to come up with such details like ro1313, HfxTC, Crimson_Fox, CFLman, etc but I like to add my grain of salt. Looking forward to discuss with you guys.

Welcome aboard
Glad to have you here

Welcome. I’m an old LaSalle Warrior small group but its a good spot most of the time.

Excellent program!

Every season I played, they had perfect seasons, and averaged about 48 points again to they're opposing team's 6.
Thank God I never played them, because a trip from South Shore Montreal to Beauce, is a long trip, just to get destroyed!

Like RO said, welcome aboard!

Welcome DocJ, tu es venu au forum français me saluer et c'est à mon tour de le faire. Tes comentaires seront appréciés dans les deux langues.

Welcome aboard!

The more the merrier!

Mrs. MadJack and I will be in Montreal for the Grey Cup, we should set up a meet and greet session for all Als' posters.....if someone wants to take that particular bull by the horns and arrange it.

Thanks everyone for the nice welcome :smiley: . And Ryooon, I played the Dragons in 1987, if I remember well, we finished the season with 2 wins. We really stank. :? But nevertheless I enjoyed my time there and the long bus trips.