Byron Parker

Argos could have used him against BC in the fourth quarter. He has some cover skills. Some people think that the Argos are happy with Middlebrooks and Younger at the corner. All I know is that Parker is too good to not be in the lineup somewhere.

I am so looking forward to seeing him back in the line up.....never should of been released. It sucks that he was released to make room for Vick.....but happy he will be with the Argos.

Just finished reading an article on Byron Parker. I didn't realize how many interceptions he made in the 3 seasons with the Argos.
He was a two-time All-Star, had 18 interceptions and six touchdowns. It will be nice to have him back.


Nice article, quick read.

[url=] ... id=1914413[/url]

I hope Bart reads this article, he might learn something.