Byron Parker to retire (as an Argo)

Parker signs a one day contract to retire as an Argo.
He was never quite the same after bulking up an extra 30+ lbs while in the NFL which very likely contributed to a premature career ending in the CFL.

all the best Byron. :thup:

[b]Byron Parker will one day find his way into the CFL’s Hall of Fame.

And for one more day, Parker will be an Argo and then retire, which seems fitting given how the two were joined at the hip during his peak.

Even more fitting is how Rich Stubler, Calgary’s new defensive co-ordinator, will be at the Rogers Centre on Saturday night when the Argos plan to honour Parker.[/b]

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honouring him in front of an empty stadium.. I waas at the Rider game in 2011 when the Argos honoured Royal Copeland... The game had no one there as it was, but before the game when the ceremony took place there was literally no one

The original Pick Six Kid. Byron Parker scored TDs every year. He was devastating.

A good player. A good jersey to wear.

Did he win a Grey Cup?